Vintage wine carafes: recommendations for using this fashionable decorative resource

Did you know that these wine carafes are also known as ‘demijohns’? We tell you what you can do with your old glass carafes to decorate your home in a very original way.

In matters of decoration we do not find limits. We can take any type of article from our house, modify it, give it our personal touch and turn it into something wonderful as a decorative element. For example, the old wine carafes.

You have surely seen many houses with old wine carafes turned into vases or vases. This type of bottle is also known as a demijohn. Thus, depending on where you are, it can be called a carafe of wine or a demijohn.

Mamajuana, what is it?

As a demijohn, a container used to store and store liquids is known. It is shaped like a carafe and is usually made of glass or earthenware. It has a fine neck, is round and of considerable size. You can find wine carafes with a capacity to hold from 2 to 40 liters.

Traditionally, they used to have a wicker coating. However, we currently find them with many other materials. They are generally plasticized because this way they are more stable and their correct transport is favored.

On a decorative level, the wine carafes or demijohns that we see the most are glass. These are ideal pieces to decorate any corner of our house.

History of the demijohn

The name catches our attention and we want to share with you why this element is called this way.
We find different legends arguing why and there are two that we want to tell you:

  1. In the first place, the name is linked to the term ‘dame-Jeanne‘, which emerged from research, who on a stormy and rainy day ended up taking refuge in a glass workshop. Interested, she wanted to try to make a bottle and from blowing so much she got a 10-liter glass carafe.
  2. Second, in the Town, a glazier left his wife, She, short and plump, would go to the market every day to buy wine with such a carafe. The shopkeeper began to call it ‘the bottle of Lady Juana’, alluding to the woman’s physique.

Wine carafes as decorative elements

As you can see, this is an object with a history. Therefore, we want to tell you what are the best options that these carafes or demijohns can give us.

They exist in different colors, materials and sizes. They have a place in almost any style of decoration, from modern styles to minimalist or rustic.

Carafes as decorative details

They are unique pieces, usually large and in themselves very attractive to use in decoration. The color of the glass can be transparent, bluish or greenish.

These containers will give any room that vintage touch so distinguished and demanded. They are ideal to place in places where the sun’s rays hit it. So, you will see how they create dream spaces.

As storage

We can not only have these containers in one corner. You can use them to store liquids, wine, mix any drink for the summer or use it to store add pickles, such as olives.

They are a very good container with a long useful life, because the material is resistant and of quality.
It is always preferable to use glass containers rather than the “Tupperware” or plastic bottles.

Therefore, it can be said that it is an ecological product.

As a centerpiece

You can place it on a large wooden table to make a great centerpiece for your dining room. Decorate them or leave them natural.

Like vases and vases

If you have an old wine carafe, you can place it and give your home a touch of color with a good bouquet of flowers. You can also add water inside and use it as a base for plants.

Like rustic lamps

You can transform wine carafes into fantastic lamps. You will need to perform the installation and place a suitable bushing in the opening.

If you are not convinced by the task, you can also illuminate them with LED string lights. This will create the feeling that there are stars or fireflies inside. You can decorate your living room, bedroom or garden like this.

The glass in these carafes is strong, thick, and marked. These give it a unique and vintage touch.
Ask a family member if they have any forgotten demijohns in their patio and use them creatively to decorate your home.

If you are lucky enough to find an old wine carafe, you have no excuse not to use it. In this way you will give a personal touch to your home.

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