Ideal tiles to create a sophisticated and wonderful bathroom

Here we show you the options to choose the tiles that best look in your space and adapt to your style.

When we are renovating or building our own home, the bathroom is one of the spaces that deserves the most attention. Not only for hygiene reasons but because it is one of the places where we spend the most time every day. For this reason, it is convenient to know how to choose and combine the tiles to achieve a satisfactory result.

In general, bathroom tiles tend to deteriorate and need a renovation. Before starting with the works, take a look at some characteristics that your bathroom has.

To begin with, we must take into account whether we have a lot of or little light in our bathroom. If we have a window or a skylight it will be easier for us to visualize the tiles with details, for example.

But if, on the contrary, your bathroom is not very bright, it is necessary to look for tiles that help to make the most of the little light and, of course, the artificial light. These tiles should preferably be in light tones, uniform and without too many details.

There is an infinity of options for you to choose which one you like the most and that suits your decorating style. The most common are the following:

Stone tiles

Stone tiles are ideal for those who love rustic decor. They give the bathroom a simple touch, but sober and elegant at the same time. The material is of quality, but they tend to spoil sooner because they store more moisture.

The stones allow us to give a touch of texture different from the rest of the bathroom elements. Bear in mind that these tiles are the most daring option for designing a bathroomThe cost of materials can vary, but is generally high. 


Ceramic tiles are the most popular. They are water resistant, and they are certainly much cheaper. In addition, its maintenance is quite simple.

Ceramic tiles must be glazed to make them waterproof. In this way, they can last over time. Otherwise, they will easily deteriorate. It should be noted that this type of tile is at the bottom of the list in terms of quality.


Porcelain tiles have a better quality than ceramic tiles. They are waterproof, moisture resistant and easy to maintain.

There is a wide variety in terms of tones and designs, which will facilitate the composition of our bathroom. And as for the cost, it varies. For example, those that are more modern, tend to have a higher cost. While the classics are usually more accessible.

Of glass

Glass tiles offer a very cool and timeless style. They are also easy to maintain and clean. However, they have a higher cost than ceramic and porcelain. They can be placed both outside and inside the shower area as they are waterproof.

It is considered the most elegant and aesthetic option, even above porcelain tiles. Glass tiles also give a greater feeling of spaciousness, lightness and cleanliness to the bathroom.

Half wall with tiles and half with paint

When thinking about this option, you must choose a paint that is waterproof. Otherwise, we will have moisture problems soon. Regarding the wide chromatic variety of textures, bathroom tiles are decisive when completing our design.

Neutral, gray and cool tones

Color is a factor that we must always consider first. Neutral tones are always very useful when decorating spaces such as the bathroom. Not only because they allow us to achieve spaciousness and luminosity, but because they are very elegant with very few details.

Neutral and warm tones

eight colored tiles are appropriate as they relate to concepts such as hygiene or cleanlinessIn general, the combination should be harmonious. If we do not like cold tones or gray, we can choose vanilla, beige, ivory, light brown and the like when adding accessories to our bathroom.

The use of intense colors in the bathroom

On the other hand, if we want to be more daring and modern, the best thing will be to bet on intense and dark colors. This is a good option for spacious bathrooms. On the walls you can combine intense colors with light tones. As for accessories, you should also alternate strong colors with neutral colors.

Flowers and lamps

Tiles with floral motifs are very appropriate for bathrooms since they introduce a very pleasant air to the interior and fill it with life.

If you combine flower arrangements with soft and bright colors you can generate a more harmonious style to your bathroom. A good idea to highlight the tiles is to add some good lamps.

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