Ideas and elements to decorate your baby’s room

The decoration of the baby’s room should be the result of the mixture of safety, harmony and comfort.

When decorating your baby’s room, you must bear in mind that, above all, safety must come first. Yes, there are many spectacular decorations in the photographs, but then, in real life, they are not exactly the most appropriate.

In the baby’s room, in addition to safety, comfort and harmony should reign. Therefore, it is important to look for styles that can be easily adapted to your needs and your own taste.

In general, mothers usually establish a set of elements as a ‘base’ and, from this, they begin to design their decorative strategy. These elements are the crib, the carpet and the closet.

Regarding the color palette, it is recommended to use neutrals or subtle colors that maximize the feeling of tranquility and rest. In this way, it will be easier to incorporate accessories into your baby’s room(cushions, blankets, stuffed animals, etc.).

Elements to decorate your baby’s room

1. Curtains

Depending on the type of window, certain types of curtains may be installed. However, the important thing is that these are not missing in your baby’s room, as they will help to dim the light during the day so that the baby can rest during her naps.

The most important thing is that the color of the curtains does not make the room too dark during the day. On the other hand, it is important to remove the dust regularly(preferably with a vacuum cleaner) to avoid allergies to the baby.

2. Shelves

If you want to avoid cluttering the room with furniture, consider installing some shelves on the walls. Of course, try not to overdo it. No need to fill the room with shelves, distribute! 

On the other hand, you should avoid filling the shelves with stuffed animals, photographs or other accessories. You can place some other decorative object, but do not abuse these because it is not practical. Remember that your baby’s room is not a showcase. 

3. Rocking chair

During the first months of your baby’s life it is important that you include a rocking chair, an individual sofa or a comfortable chair in your baby’s room, to have greater comfort when breastfeeding. Then, you can transform this small space into a reading area to share stories and anecdotes.

4. Ceiling stars

The star stickers that recharge during the day with sunlight were a milestone in children’s and youth decoration of the 90s and are still valid today. You can add some to the ceiling of your baby’s room to give it a soft and magical lighting.

5. Swing with stuffed animals

In case you haven’t included too many accessories, you can hang a swing on the wall and place a couple of stuffed animals, a small blanket, and other items on it to help create a sweeter and more welcoming atmosphere. 

6. Accessories with names

Decorative objects with the baby’s name are one of the most common elements in this type of decoration. You can make it yourself or you can buy it in different stores. Some mothers are encouraged to introduce it in a more subtle way, the initial only, for example.

In case you decide to introduce these objects, try to make them have a double function; that is, they are decorative but can also be useful. For example, that it serves as a coat rack, box, etc.

7. Auxiliary lamps

Lighting is a key element in any type of decoration. In the case of your baby’s room, try to make sure that the ceiling light is sufficient, but also, incorporate dim auxiliary lamps for those moments when they should serve more as an accompaniment.

Another tip is to install lamps whose lights you can dim to make your baby’s room a cozy but also practical place.

8. Combine wood and patterns

Combining the predominant material of the furniture in your baby’s room with the prints is an excellent option to highlight the whole. In addition, it helps to achieve striking results even in the simplest and most discreet proposals.

In the case of wood, you can take advantage of warm and neutral colors to achieve a more welcoming and comfortable decoration to the eye.

To consider

Try to choose a specific theme and, from there, decorate the rest. It is important that everything has a certain unity so that it can look harmonious. And, remember, first of all, decorate to your liking, but do not forget that the most important thing is safety.

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