Ideas for rustic decoration

Here are some ideas for you to have a beautiful rustic decoration. Go ahead and beautify your home with this trend!

Rustic decoration is a trend that can be implemented very easily. It is just a matter of knowing what we want and how we want it. However, we may not have a very clear picture or we may not know how to distribute the elements.

To help you a bit, here are some ideas. So, you can have the rustic decoration that you want so much. Remember that in this style natural materials such as stone and wood are used.

In general, the elements are usually handcrafted, it is a mixture of tradition with simplicity that is still charming and attractive.

Rustic furniture and decor

A good tip to create a good rustic decoration is to know how to choose the wood with which we will work as the main material, this gives us stability, durability, color, elasticity and permanence.

A rustic wooden furniture can be painted in natural or soft colors. We can also give the wood a touch as if it were aged.

With this we give the impression that it is a piece of furniture that has been in the home for several generations, which gives greater warmth and comfort to the environment. After all, our rustic décor is also a way to create a sense of belonging and pride in heritage.

The key colors in rustic decoration

Definitely, the basic colors are earth. Likewise, there are touches of color in greens and blues(pastel, light blue, turquoise, cerulean, cyan, among others). On the other hand, mustard and certain shades of orange are also used.

If the ceiling in the living room is high, wooden beams can be installed to give an impression of a lower ceiling. The idea of ​​this is to create a more welcoming, warm and close environment. We can also use furniture based on wool fabrics and similar textiles(as well as the accessories that we will place on them).

On the other hand, the wood and clay ornaments will be key elements to complement the space. The common areas should invite rest, relaxation and provide a sense of security, harmony and tranquility.

Keep in mind that all the rustic accessories that you add must be related to natureDon’t overload it, as this can create an overly overwhelming environment.

The decoration on walls and floors

If you cannot install stones, you can line a wall with an image that has bricks, logs, wooden planks or other types of natural elements. Another beautiful idea is to opt for an image of a green forest or a natural landscape(field, valley or mountain).

If you cannot use images, you can paint your walls in neutral colors such as beige, mouse, walnut, cocoa, terracotta, etc. You can add a painting with a painting with natural elements or several small paintings with botanical motifs.

When we do not have a rustic floor, it is best to decorate with rugs of this same style. To unite access to nearby rooms, a rustic rug made of natural fibers with ethnic patterns can be laid.

Wooden boxes

The wooden boxes give a perfect touch to incorporate into a rustic decoration. You can add support elements such as wheels or legs that will make it a spectacular table.

Rustic ideas with stairs and bookshelves

Today, stairs are used to decorate any space. Giving as utility a shelf, decorative element or even coat rack.

Whether you use an old staircase or decide to build it yourself using natural wood, this project will serve both to show your special moments, as well as to give your home a rustic style. The ladder can be propped in a corner or hung directly on the wall.

Rustic mirror

This accessory is perfect because it is functional, original and modern, but with a “rustic” touch. Keep the color scheme as natural as possible and fill the room with tight textures. Modern rustic decor also allows us to combine collectible and antique furniture in a sensible way.

Ideas for rustic lighting

The choice of ceiling or wall lamps are important as they help us to give a more rustic and sophisticated touch to our home.

Rustic style furniture for the dining room

When we talk about rustic-style interiors, we envision a setting that graciously returns the clock to a simpler and somewhat less flashy era. And unlike what you might think at first glance, rustic decor does not exclude the modern, but adapts it to reinforce the “homey” aspect.


This is a style of decoration that is not only achieved with a selection of furniture and accessories. The rustic also needs wood, brick, wrought iron, bamboo, ceramics, basketry, natural fabrics, among others. If you want to apply it to your home, do not hesitate, it is very simple.

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