11 ideas to decorate with family photographs

Here are several creative ideas for you to decorate your spaces with your favorite family photographs.

Family photographs are a classic element in home decor. They represent a world made up of fond and precious memories of certain moments in our lives.

Despite the new trends towards minimalism, many people continue to put some family photographs in the living room, hall or in their bedrooms. In fact, they have managed to give them a new form of prominence: between lights, hanging on branches, and so on.

Do not leave them stored in a drawer because there you will not enjoy them in the same way. Create your own family corner to your liking and do not limit yourself when looking for alternatives.

Family photographs usually have the power to awaken many feelings and emotions in us. Memories that are usually accompanied by smiles and that can be an ideal element to fill our home with warmth.

Ideas to decorate with your family photographs

If you like to decorate with photos and remember the happiest moments with your family over and over again, we bring you some brilliant ideas to decorate with family photos in an original and fun way.

On cushions

One-color cushions with printed family photos are definitely one of the most daring and creative trends.

Highlight special features

This technique consists of highlighting special features(of the photographed or ours) by adding a personal touch. For example, if the person likes sparkles, we add some to the photo frame. On the other hand, if you like to sew, we can add some buttons or elements with thread to highlight this particular feature.

Funny photos

There is a very interesting proposal that is based on finding similarities between siblings, parents, children or grandparents and seeing how they have evolved over time.

First of all, there are photographs that recreate childhood moments alone, with siblings, cousins ​​or parents today and show the before and after the passage of time in a creative and fun way.

The version of the similarities finding the most characteristic features. Find a way to create a family tree with original photos that show generation after generation similarities and differences.

Glass jars

There are glass containers that can be the perfect element to decorate a shelf, dining room or the top of a piece of furniture with an original composition.

We can choose a simple photograph or also collect some memories inside this container. Add some light, this will be a touch that will make it look magical and special.

XL photos and micro collages

In the same way as the cushions, we can also opt for photo-murals with family images.

Mosaic photographs

How about a wall full of mosaic photos? This option is perfect for decorating pale walls, stairs or hallways. You can give your space a more entertaining and colorful use. Why not?

Hanging frames

Creating a blackboard is a great ally for these types of designs and crafts. This allows you to customize the surfaces with chalk, without having to resort to a traditional blackboard.

Paint some plain frames and attach them using push pins or hot glue. To top it off, choose a hanger to your liking that matches your decor.

Photo clock

Use the mechanism of a clock and hang it on the wall, then choose the 12 photos that you like the most and distribute them forming the sphere. You can use various types of frames.

The first thing you should do is get a table with which you will form the design where your family photographs will go. You can create a heart, circle, square, triangle or any other design you can think of. Decorate the woods or leave them in their natural color as you prefer. Then paste the photos and hang them on your wall.


Do you like black and white photography? Chalk paint is an excellent idea and the perfect complement to make them look in all their glory. You will need to cut two types of square boards, some larger and some smaller.

The large ones will be the basis of our family photographs, these will be painted with chalk. In the small ones we will put our photographs carefully so as not to create wrinkles. When everything is dry, we will proceed to hang them.

Geometric wiring

If you like something out of the ordinary, this idea is one of my favorites for its simplicity and freshness. I deal for environments with a modern and sophisticated touch.


With the help of shelves or just by using the photographs, we can stick them on the wall creating the silhouette of a heart.

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