Revitalize your home with these 10 ideas to decorate with plants

Plants are ideal for decorating our home, creating clean, healthy, welcoming environments with a natural touch.

Today, decorating with plants is one of the great pleasures of lovers of nature and decoration. That touch of green gives us color, but also a greater sense of well-being inside the home. So, what are you waiting for? Revitalize your home with some beautiful plants!

We can choose from a wide range of options: small, medium or large plants, aromatic plants, with or without flowers, etc.

Revitalize your home with original plants and pots!

First of all, we must take into account the type of maintenance that the plant will require in order to bet on the best option. The aesthetics and the place of the house where we want to show it off are important details, but first you have to take into account your needs.

1. Light bulbs as flower pots

The bulbs are ideal as a centerpiece or to hang in front of a window or shelf. You can use the bulb as a vase by adding a little water or even transform it into a delicate pot for a small plant.

With this you not only recycle the old bulbs but you will also bring a romantic touch to your home.

2. Water pot

This will be an original, funny and curious creation, becoming a point of attraction in your home. Choose a container with clear glass and fill half with water. Add a plant that can survive with its roots in the water.

You can add river stones or decorative stones to add a watery touch to the pot of water.

3. Vertical gardens

Revitalize your home and get a natural environment by placing indoor plant gardens on the walls.

For this you need to create a wooden or metal frame with the design of your preference and put small pots in them. In this way you will have a vertical garden with different colors and textures.

4. Small gardens

You can grow aromatic herbs like rosemary, basil, or mint. This small garden will not only decorate your kitchen, but it will also serve to add delicious ingredients to your favorite dishes.

We recommend planting different herbs in a wooden pot for a rustic touch. Or, in individual pots that you then place inside a tomato box or other container.

5. Air plants

Aerial plants are plants set in the air, like mosses. They do not need their roots to be buried. This versatility allows us to place them on almost any surface.

Try planting small bromeliads on corks, stones, or even a small vase and then hanging them from the ceiling or placing them on the wall.

6. Hanging plants

When you have high ceilings, you can hang plants from the ceiling. Also take advantage of the spaces in the walls to hang them. Hanging plants give a lot of originality and modernity to the interior of the house.

Ferns are classic plants whose leaves seem to fall from the hanging pot, thus providing a waterfall effect. Also, with this technique you can use beautiful and modern pots.

7. Plants on furniture

When you have large pots, one way to place them in a modern style is by placing them on furniture. Make sure the size of the plant matches the size of the space.

We recommend you place pots on small stairs, armchairs or benches with an old style.

8. Play with the colors and shapes of the pots

The pots elongated, square or unconventional forms beautiful result to decorate with plants.

If you choose a clear pot, you can add white or dark colored decorative stones. The white stones are distinguished by their texture and the dark stones contrast with the pot.

Revitalize your home with a striking and original color scheme. Try placing small plants in white pots to enhance the colors and tones of the plants.

Another original idea is to reuse materials such as metal jars or plastic bottles and paint them according to the style or color combination we choose.

9. Desert plants

When you don’t have time to dedicate to caring for your plants, make use of succulents and cacti, since these do not require much watering.

Succulents and cacti are all the rage. To highlight their beauty, try to place them in small pots or you can create a collection of cacti or succulents in beautiful terrariums.

10. Tall stems and small trees

If you want to create the feeling of a small forest inside your home, we suggest you include small trees or plants with tall stems in low pots.

The most appropriate places to decorate with this technique are terraces or near windows. In part, because these plants need a lot of light.

Aspects to consider

Revitalize your home with plants that adapt well to where you are going to place them. That is, if your home does not have many sources of light, perhaps it is best to opt for shade plants, which do not require too much sunlight.

Additionally, you must take into account the frequency of irrigation and maintenance that the plants should have, since their good appearance will depend on it. On the other hand, it is recommended that when purchasing them, you check whether the plants will need(or not) fertilizers.

Among other issues, you should avoid placing your plants near air conditioners, radiators or other frequently used electrical appliances, as they can dry out in a short time.

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