Candles: meaning and uses for your home

Candles offer many options when decorating different spaces. Below we will tell you how you can take advantage of them to illuminate your home.

Candles are one of the most common and also fantastic decorations that we can place in our home. They scent, illuminate and also adorn every corner that we want.

They are decorations that look great for special dates, especially if it is a romantic evening.

Generating lighting, they are  a key decoration also serve to promote certain emo cons. Light, in particular, is used to create intimate and delicate environments and also helps us feel more relaxed. 

These are low-cost, high-impact ephemeral lamps that are capable of transforming and also bringing life to any environment. You can use them in a bathtub, in a centerpiece or on any shelf.

Types of candles for every  occasion

The reasons for decorating with candles are practically endless. The lighting is a key decoration and well-run serves to harmonize the environment.


  • Thanks to them you can give a different touch to an environment.
  • With a minimal investment and a touch of creativity you can change the trend of an entire space.

Decoration with recyclable materials

We can recycle materials or use objects that we have stored to create a good decoration. We will of course add lighting by means of candles. This will give it a special look.

  • Another simple idea is to use mason jars.
  • They can be filled with sand, shells, corks and even combine different sizes to create centerpieces.
  • You can take a bunch of candlestick type candles and tie them with string.
  • Another idea is to use glasses or vases upside down as shown in the image above.

On a wire or rope

Use glass glasses, these are ideal to turn into candle holders by adding a wire or also a rope in the area of ​​the thread.

  • You can hang them anywhere; they look perfect in the garden.

Tea candle

Generally, these candles come inside an aluminum. When lit, they last approximately 4 hours, it is recommended to put several since it is a very small candle and does not light enough.


They are candles that are used in chandeliers, also ideal for vintagestyle decorations. 

It is as simple as placing candles on glass jars adorned with wooden shapes hung with string.


They are similar to those of tea. You can put these in water and, they also remain floating, lit.

  • This idea is perfect for centerpieces or romantic moments.

Wide candle

They are usually placed on a container; they are perfect to put in jars and fill them with sand or also with stones. Take rocks from the river, from the beach, seashells, also sand and fill the bottom of the jar with it.


Scented or aromatic candles. They are candles that give off a delicious smell, some with the scent of flowers, vanilla, berries, also cinnamon, among others.

In short, these candles are perfect for relaxing the senses, inviting tranquility and, also, rest.


They are those that include many details and decoration. There are different shapes and colors, you can also find them with something carved or with dried leaves.

These types of candles are perfect to make a difference and give a very original spin to the whole.

Feng shui

The candles have served to represent the light that gives balance and also warmth to the soul. In this way, Feng Shui took the belief that these serve to provide vitalizing energy to the soul and also to the body.

In the same way, it manages to eliminate negativity that can damage the home.

Sail orientation

  • South: attract success, fame, reduce anguish and also anxiety.
  • This: promote harmony and also achieve healing energies in case of diseases.
  • North: they attract good energy and help you professionally.
  • West: attract travel, creativity.

Feng Shui according to the color of each candle

It is important to know the meaning of colors according to Feng Shui since each tone has its own vibration.

  • Red: represents fire and also life force.  You can use them when you feel down or are going through a bad love streak.
  •  Blue: represent the mind and knowledge. Use them when you need calm.
  •  White: they represent purity and perfection, in addition, they eliminate bad vibes.
  •  Black: they symbolize the unknown and the mysterious. They also absorb negativity and bad vibes from a person.
  •  Yellow: sun, optimism and intelligence; they improve concentration and also stimulate the mind.
  •  Green: nature, hope and serenity. Use them when you want to take new paths and also close others.

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