Ways to make terrariums to decorate the home

Learn what it takes to make your own terrarium at home. With very few materials, you will achieve exceptional results.

Home decor is a very important topic for many people. Being comfortable when we are at home is essential to be able to enjoy it and, for this, one of the things that can help us is the decoration.

If you love nature, flowers and plants, but you don’t have a garden in your house to plant everything, we suggest that you decorate the house with terrariums; It is a simple idea to carry out and the result is always very beautiful.

To give your home different shades of color, you can make natural terrariums with small decorative pieces, for example sand, stones, branches, dried flowers or cacti. Next, we explain how to make them.

Terrarium characteristics

A terrarium is a small container, whether made of glass, glass, wood or aluminum, that is decorated with natural items such as plants, branches or stones. The most common is the glass container, as it reveals the inside.

The lack of space in homes means that few people can have a plot or garden. Therefore, terrariums are one of the best solutions to make up for this lack of nature in the house.

In addition, they are extremely versatile decorative elements, which you can place in the dining room, living room, bedrooms or kitchen alike.

Finally, these small works of art do not require much attention, since they are usually completed and decorated with simple and very resistant plants that rarely spoil inside the home.

Surely you have seen many terrariums, as more and more people are encouraged to make them at home. With the DIY movement, “do it yourself”, we can find on the Internet beautiful ideas both for decoration and other materials.

From a centerpiece for a wedding, a terrarium for our scented candles, terrariums for plants, flowers or containers where to introduce led light garlands that give a touch of color to our home.

If you’ve always thought about making a terrarium, this is your chance. For this, we offer you several examples to inspire you, although you can always let your imagination fly and do it with the materials that you like the most.

Terrariums to decorate your home

Terrariums and flowerpots are the two objects most used to decorate a home, as they do not take up much space and can also be aromatizing, since they can be used to set the mood and absorb odors.

There is a great diversity of plants and flowers that we can use.  The most common are indoor plants or cacti, which do not need a lot of water. Other options are ferns, which handle moisture well, and African violets, which are tough and won’t wilt.

Natural ornaments

The trend today in terms of home decoration is to relate everything to the old, the retro and the vintage. But it is also very common for the decoration to be related to natural motifs. For this reason, terrariums have become fashionable and are the order of the day in terms of interior design.

Materials to make a terrarium

The procedure to do it is simple; You only need soil, stones, a plant of your choice and, of course, the container.

We recommend certain types of plants:

  • Fit onia.
  • Acorus gramineous.
  • Bracken.
  • Peperomia camerata.
  • Pilea glauca.
  • Tillandsia stricta.

These plants don’t need too much light and are ideal as indoor plants; In addition, they are very easy to combine with each other.

Types of terrariums

Terrariums can be of different types, either according to their size, material or the way and place in which we place them inside the house.

  • That are held on the wall.
  • Which are placed in pots.

Advantages of terrariums

These terrariums have many advantages, as they are one of the cheapest options for decorating the home. But in addition to this, they have the following benefits:

  • They are very showy and showy.
  • They are original and can be very different from each other.
  • Furthermore, they are easy to water and due to their small size, they are not difficult to transport.
  • They do not need long hours of sun. The plants endure in the shade and indoors. 
  • Lights can be added to give them a fun touch and serve to illuminate during hours when there is no sun.

As you can see, there are many ideas to make terrariums, you just have to combine textures, materials and plants to make each one of them a unique piece.

Have you already decided on your style?

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