Original ideas to decorate with succulents

Succulents don’t just add a “green” touch to your home. In fact, these pretty plants have many more colors that bring life to the environment. Take advantage of these ideas and decorate your home with beauty and joy!Today it is very fashionable to decorate with succulents. And these plants have a beautiful appearance that brings a lot of life to any environment, especially the common areas of the home. Many people around the world, through social networks, share photographs that show their small “gardens” in very unique ways.

Beautifying our home with a green touch is very simple with succulents. The trend is to have several in the same space(generally more than three), and of different types, which creates a very pleasant visual effect. Why? Because the variety of colors and shapes is striking, in the best sense of the word.

Aspects that must be taken into account when decorating with succulents.

Creating a harmonious ensemble from various types of succulents is so simple that it is practically impossible to achieve an ugly combination with these plants. Now, before proceeding to decorate with these plants, it is very important to take into account certain aspects, in order not to neglect their maintenance.

Although succulents are very resistant and have an adaptability difficult to find in other plants, their basic care should not be overlooked.

Succulents are low watering plants

It is recommended to water these plants once a week in times of high temperatures and once every fifteen days in times of low temperatures. It is convenient to place them in a place where they can have good drainage, as this will prevent their roots from rotting and the plant dying. In other words, the container where they are placed must have a good air intake so that moisture does not accumulate.

Succulents thrive in poor substrate

If they are placed in nutrient-enriched soil, they will perish. For this reason, it is not necessary to resort to plant foods for soils, much less fertilizers. On the other hand, if the soil is mixed with a little clay or sand, they will be very favored, since the porous substrate is what allows the roots to survive and grow properly.

They need sunlight

It should be borne in mind that succulents are plants that must be placed in a place where they can receive enough sunlight during the day. And it is that, despite the fact that they are used in interior decoration, they are not shade plants at all. Take this into account when placing them in one place or another, since their life will depend on this.

Ideas to decorate with succulents

1. Crowns

Vegetable wheels or wreaths are another good option to decorate with succulents. They can be purchased at a low cost in various stores(gardening and decoration) and the more stuffed with plants and shoots, the better. The ones that look more spectacular are those that are made of wooden branches, because they highlight the organic aspect more(which will make our home look even more welcoming).

2. Bird cages

If you have a bird cage among your disused objects, the time has come to take advantage of it. It will be enough to clean it and paint it the color that we like the most and place our succulents inside it. Because it is highly ventilated, plants will thrive in this ornament. In addition, it will be very beautiful both indoors and outdoors.

3. Seashells and seashells

Placing the succulents in shells or seashells is very original and striking. If our thing is the decoration with a tendency towards the natural and organic, without a doubt, this will be our best option. It should be noted that, in this type of “container”, sand, instead of clay, can be added to the earth so that the roots adapt better and the ornament is even more in line with the beach style.

4. In tea cups

One of the most flirtatious ways to show off succulents is to use those cups of tea that we no longer use(either because we don’t need them or because they are the only thing left from the tea set) and use them as flower pots.

If the mug has an old design, all the better, because that way the “pot” will look even more striking to the eye. There are those who spray them with spray paint to give them a different touch, without completely losing the original design. At this point, it is worth mentioning how good pieces painted with metallic colors, such as gold, look.

However, if we prefer to play with retro, but with a modern touch, we can paint the piece with a paint suitable for the type of surface, in a striking color: yellow, apple green, fuchsia, turquoise blue, violet, etc.

In short, decorating with succulents is really very simple. Go ahead and make your own pieces and beautify your home with these magnificent plants, the result can be spectacular!

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