16 ideas to decorate with balloons in the best style

The decoration with balloons apart from being wonderful for its appearance and its different ways of using them, help us to give a festive and fun touch to our meeting point. Let the party begin!

Today it is necessary to learn to decorate with balloons in an original and striking way. The holidays are no longer just a reason for gathering and joy. They are also the perfect time to show off our manual skills, creativity and personal style.

Birthday parties and celebrations in general, almost always have several decorative elements, including balloons.

Formerly, they were placed to give much more color to the environment, fill the spaces and, also give a much more sumptuous and fun appearance.

Over time, balloons have become accessories for parties of all kinds. Therefore, there is a wide variety of models and also designs.

Here are some of the most fabulous ideas for you to decorate your celebrations with balloons.

We assure you that the details will not go unnoticed and more than one will want to be photographed with this beautiful background decoration.

Ideas to decorate with balloons

1. Roof

An incredible way to surprise the celebrant and the guests is by creating a ceiling with balloons, for this you need multiple colored balloons and helium bottles.

  • You can accompany this decoration with paper.
  • There are those who, before filling the balloons, introduce them a little confetto. In this way, when they explode, they will throw colored papers and also create a magical atmosphere.

2. Donuts

Donuts are no longer a childish item. In fact, they are now used in various elements(bags, pieces of clothing, etc.) to give a much fresher, playful and modern look.

Donuts are definitely in fashion among adults too.

For this reason, we can take advantage of and decorate with balloons that have donut designs. The colors will depend on us.

  • On the other hand, we can place only a bunch of balloons with this motive, in a corner that we want to highlight in the party room, or we can place all the balloons like this.

3. With photographs

You can decorate with balloons that have pictures hanging from one end. This idea is very emotional and will make the honoree relive hundreds of special moments.

  • You can choose to place many balloons on the person’s bed or, in a star corner of the party room.

4. Brightness

In addition to decorating with balloons, you can also decorate with glitters. And by putting both elements together, you can achieve a fantastic effect.

  • Adding a light layer of glitter to the balloons will give your party a more elegant and glamorous touch.

5. Paint splatter

Paint-splattered solid color balloons are another super funky and modern option.

Depending on the colors we use, we will achieve a more sophisticated or more fun result.

  • If we decide to splash the balloons with ocher, bronze and gold colors, obviously, we will achieve a much more elegant style than with the colors of the rainbow, for example.

6. Outdoors

If you plan to have an outdoor birthday party, with the help of a good base you can decorate the environment with balloons.

You will definitely get a lovely party, in the sun.

7. With moles

Decorating with balloons that have a particular pattern(polka dots, stripes, stars, etc.) is an excellent option if we want to make the party even more striking and sumptuous.

  • These types of balloons are perfect for children’s birthday

8. In the form of a columbine or lollipop

You can also turn the balloons into huge and also colorful columbines or lollipops. You just have to tie them to a stick and cover them with a transparent plastic.

  • This idea is great for children’s parties, you can place them in the garden or in a large outdoor space.
  • You can create other treats with balloons, they will be very fun.

9. Glued to the wall

This idea is great especially if your wall is painted in pale tones, the balloons can give it a touch of color.

  • It is recommended to combine colors and inflate them, in different sizes, to make it look much more striking.

10. Candy bar style table

Use helium balloons for the centerpieces of your Candy party, if you use them in the same color it will look simply and striking.

With this you will get a beautiful and original style.

11. Transparent balloons

For this decoration you can include details and accessories such as confetti in your balloons. Fill the balloons with confetti, at the end you can entertain your guests with an explosion of colored paper.

  • Ideally, they should be transparent balloons so that the colors are better appreciated.
  • Messages, stuffed animals or gifts can also be included in these balloons.

12. Figures

Currently, this type of decoration is being very chosen since there are infinities of forms to use on any occasion.

  • There are animal balloons, letters, numbers, hearts, and so on.
  • They will give a unique touch to the decoration.

13. Balloons and fabrics

Both manage to create an impressive atmosphere, if you use these together the result is spectacular, although separately they also achieve a festive atmosphere.

  • You just have to hang several folds of fabric in the colors of your preference and join it at the center point of the ceiling.
  • Then weave together several balloons using the same fabric colors to match perfectly.

14. Rainbow

In this idea he gets elongated balloons the color of the rainbow and with the help of white balloons simulates the clouds that go next to him.

This is a colorful idea but also very original and super cheerful.

15. Columns

Look for balloons in the colors that you like the most and build vertical interlocking columns so that they attract attention.

These will help you to use them in strategic and striking points.

16. Children

Decorate with balloons of your child’s favorite character, there are animated figures that will pass from generation to generation and will continue to captivate all children.

An excellent way to include the character in the decoration of the party is by using balloons with the characteristic shape that represents him.

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