4 different ways to decorate on your birthday

Throwing a birthday party is a challenge for many people, mainly because it is difficult for them to decide what will be the best decoration for that moment. We offer you some ways to decorate the place according to the type of celebration you choose.

If you are going to organize a party for your birthday and you still do not know how to decorate the place, you may find the solution here. We show you some simple, inexpensive and funky ways to decorate your birthday.

When it comes to parties and decoration in general, there are as many styles as there are people on the planet. Some are more sober and prefer the conventional, without going too far out of the mold. Others, on the other hand, like to innovate and surprise everyone with new designs.

No matter what kind of people you belong to, the following ways to decorate on your birthday can help you. Choose the one that you like the most and start planning your entertainment so that nothing is missing and it is an unforgettable moment.

4 ways to decorate on your birthday

1. Themed birthday party

Do you like football? Does basketball? Are you more of a Hollywood or rock-based party? You can adapt the place of the party perfectly thanks to the decoration.

Start with the little details: the motifs on the glasses and balloons and the decorations on the cake. Also, put posters on the wall; You can appeal to the ones you had in your room in adolescence to further personalize the environment.

The flags are another element that will help you give that special touch, since you can write and draw on them anything that refers to the theme of the party.

Activities are another important aspect. You can organize a competition of penalties, tricks or dominated, continuing with the case of soccer. For rocker parties, what better way than to enjoy some good classics of the genre at karaoke.

If you are daring and you are not ashamed to do it, consider making an outfit that fits the party and that, obviously, denotes that you are the protagonist of the moment.

2. Retro party

Do you want to have a party set in the longed for 80s? It is not complicated at all. As you know, the first thing you should have are the classic vinyl records. If you don’t have originals or you don’t want to risk them for their value you can make them with colored cardboard. Stick them on the wall or use them as pendants.

You can also use black napkins with colored motifs, similar to the typical models of that time. For drinks, it would be a very attractive idea to place the typical punch bowl.

Musical notes, cassettes, and boxes painted like vintage televisions with antennas and all  are perfect additions to a retro dream party. Of course, ask your guests to come dressed for the occasion. You, as the host, could also create a distinctive hairstyle and even grow a mustache or wear a fake one, if you are a man.

An excellent finishing touch would be a bowling ball to accompany the music. However, it is true that it can be somewhat difficult to achieve. If you have it, do not hesitate! It is the best detail for this type of party.

3. Costume party

Within the costume parties, you can find different ways to decorate on your birthday. Everything will depend on the axis of the party. If it’s Halloween, you can’t miss pumpkins with lights, ghosts hanging from the ceiling and bats stuck on the walls.

If, instead, you have a superhero party, you can use the insignia of each of them for the decoration, as well as the colored decorations. With them, you can add even more diversity to a party that will have everything.

4. Outdoor party decoration

If you have an open space to hold a party, this is a great outing for the summer season. Of course, you will need a suitable decoration.

A good advice for these cases is to base yourself on the resources that are at your disposal to decorate. For example, you can hang lamps from trees and use the ropes where you usually hang clothes to put balloons, garlands and other decorations.

In the same way, every garden table and chair will come spectacular for this moment. If you have a rustic piece of furniture in your house, such as one for drinks, it is a perfect occasion to bring it out.

You can also use your sofas or armchairs to make a corner for photos. So, just by adding some light, color and, why not, party favors for photos, you will have beautiful and fun memories of a special birthday.

You have at your disposal many ways to decorate on your birthday; Choosing the best one will depend on your tastes and the possibilities you have at the venue. If you think about it and put your creativity to work, you can accomplish a lot with just a couple of elements.

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