Decorate with vibrant color accessories

If you are thinking about the best ideas to decorate a room with vibrant colors, you cannot miss some tips that we will give you below.

When we think of vibrant colors, we are often intimidated by directly associating them with a rainbow or a carnival.

The truth is that these colors do not have to come together or in an exaggerated way.

In fact, they can provide a very elegant result as used.

In the animal kingdom, vibrant colors are a red flag, as they indicate that it can be dangerous. In such a way that, when we see an animal with a shiny appearance, we will know that it hides a danger.

On the other hand, color also helps the species with regard to reproduction; as is the case of the male peacock, which exhibits a much more colorful plumage than that of the female in order to attract it.

In the field of decoration, we resort to vibrant colors to give vitality to the spaces.

In other words, they are a form of expression of good humor, and joy.

In addition, they provide a certain air of ease that makes people feel youthful, original and creative.

The most popular vibrant colors

There are colors that are much more popular in decoration than others, simply because of their relationship with nature.

Therefore, blues and greens are colors that people tend to look for and include in their lives.

They are eye-catching, pleasant, energizing and, of course, easy to fit into a harmonious environment.

Although primary colors are considered to be the main exponents of playfulness and vibrancy, there are bright hues that, over time, have become increasingly popular both indoors and outdoors.

Such is the case of turquoise, fuchsia, purple, and certain shades of yellow and orange.

Decorate with vibrant colors

Certainly, the vibrant colors provide plenty of room for improvisation.

However, the width of the margin does not imply that they have to be overused.

We can be fun and offer a good contrast even with small details.

The question is in having a strategy and making it evident. We have to be consistent with what we want to achieve a good result.

Monochromatic or polychromatic?

When it comes to decorating with vibrant colors, it is necessary to leave the association scheme that we mentioned earlier; of the carnival and the rainbow.

The first thing we must ask ourselves is the type of decoration we want to achieve and how many colors we want to incorporate.

In case we want to use a single vibrant color, we must know that the result will not stop being less cheerful and original.

For example, if the space we have is very simple(both in its structure and in the furniture), we can incorporate color to give it the vitality it needs.

In the following image you can see how the color blue was used to incorporate an attractive and cheerful design, while remaining elegant.

Similarly, color provides structure and serves as an element of cohesion.

Folk or modern?

Another question we must ask ourselves when decorating with vibrant colors is what style we would like to opt for.

On the one hand, we have folk art, which offers color and familiarity to the environment.

And on the other, we have the modern variant, which is generally oriented towards unicolor pieces and geometric designs.

Vibrant folkloric-style decor is very common in Latin American countries, from Mexico to Argentina.

It is not only a tradition, but also a way to free the mind from the present, from everyday life.

In fact, in Caribbean countries, traditional polychromatic decoration is very common both in homes and in ‘beach houses’.

The art of decorating

The modern decoration, on the other hand, offers another type of color and, although it is colder than the folkloric, it is still welcoming.

For example, in a room with a tendency to minimalism, whose walls are white, you can add several touches of color: an apple green sofa, a fuchsia floor lamp and some accessories in turquoise blue.

In this way, we bring vitality to the room without recharging it. 

The important thing when decorating with colors is to have a clear strategy and not be too strict with the margin of improvisation.

We must not be afraid of losing elegance. You just need to want to add contrast and energy to a space.

You have to dare to try it out until you find the idea that we really love!

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