3 ideas for making hanging shelves

If you don’t have much space and you need a place to place objects or decorations, you cannot miss these 3 ideas to make hanging shelves.

Hanging shelves are a simple and practical solution when space is needed to accommodate books, ornaments or other objects. It is an ideal alternative if we cannot or do not want to make many holes in the wall or there is not enough space to place a piece of furniture.

Hanging shelves are stylish, modern, practical, and simple to build. With few materials and in just a few steps they can be made and customized. In addition, they give an original touch to any space.

3 ideas for hanging shelves

Shelves in a home are never too much, not only for aesthetics but also for the convenience of placing decorative objects and everyday use. Hanging shelves help tidy up and make rooms more pleasing to the eye.

1. Floating shelf for small spaces

This type of shelf or hanging shelf gives the impression that it is floating and resting on the wall. They are very simple and special for small spaces or corners. The only recommendation is that the shelf is neither too heavy nor too wide since all the weight will be supported by two hidden supports.

Necessary materials:

  • Shelf wood(30 cm. By 80 cm.)
  • Hidden brackets(2)
  • Drill for wall.

How it is performed:

  • First, make two marks on the wall with the pencil where you want to place the shelf screws.
  • Then make the holes with the drill and place the hidden supports. Screw to the wall.
  • Next, mark the wood to match the wall.
  • Make two holes in the wood at the market place.
  • Finally, insert the holes in the wood into the hidden support.

2. Hanging shelf with ropes

It is a very rustic and decorative shelf. You can use a flat tree stub or wood that looks like tree bark. Unlike the previous one, this one supports more weight and its dimensions may be larger. If you want, you can add shelves along the rope.

Necessary materials:

  • Piece of tree bark or wood(about 120 centimeters)
  • Thick rustic rope(2 meters)
  • Wall Screw Hooks(2)
  • Wall drilling machine.

How it is performed:

  • First, measure the distance from the ceiling you want to attach the hooks and mark with a pencil.
  • With the drill make the holes in the marks.
  • Then screw in the hooks.
  • Next, cut the rough rope in two. Leave two strips of 1 meter each.
  • Secure the wood with a rope at each end making a very strong knot.
  • Pass the rope through each hook and hold firmly.
  • Finally, try to make it as flat and even as possible.

3. Shelf or shelf with leather strap

This beautiful and modern shelf can be placed in any environment of the house. In living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even in the bathroom. It is very easy to install and many objects can be placed on it, both decorative and for daily use.

Necessary materials:

  • Leather straps(2 of 50 centimeters each)
  • Wooden board(120 centimeters long by 30 centimeters wide)
  • Wall Hooks or Screws(2)
  • Drill for wall.
  • Leather punch.

How it is performed:

  • First, mark with pencil the two places where you want to place the hooks.
  • Then make the holes with the drill.
  • Attach the hooks.
  • With the leather punch, make a hole at each end of each strap. In total there will be 4 holes.
  • Next, put the straps on the hooks.
  • Finally, place the board between the straps.

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