Ideas for decorations for fifteen years

We propose some decorations for fifteen years that, without a doubt, will be a milestone in your celebration. Take notes to have the perfect party.

The decorations for fifteen years change according to the trends of the moment. Therefore, you can always count on fresh, versatile and, above all, unique ideas. Remember that it is about the beautification of a very special occasion.

Now comes the feast of fifteen years and has started to prepare everything. In most cases, for the big event, you choose a theme and work on it.

When you sit down to plan the big day to see what ideas to put into practice you realize that you can’t think of anything! But don’t worry, we have several ideas for decorations for fifteen years that we are sure will help you create a memorable party.

Are you ready to discover our decoration ideas?

Decorations for fifteen years

The themed unicameral parties are very popular as they allow the unicameral to fulfill her dreams and share with her family and friends in a different way. Your fifteen are the perfect occasion to bring out your tastes and personality. 

Theme parties are always a great option. Remember that this is a celebration that you will enjoy once in your life so if you choose a specific theme, make sure that it is actually what causes you passion.

Decorations for fifteen years recycled

Sometimes, if you don’t have the resources or just for fun, you can use recyclable materials. It is about reusing materials, embellishing them with paint.

In addition, these types of ornaments, for the most part, are even better than the ones we buy in stores. Of course, everything will depend on our skills with crafts.

Some of the more practical ideas are:

  1. Paint glass bottles in different colors to add flair and use as decorations.
  2. Use steel cans to make souvenirs.
  3. Plastic bottles can be used to make flower arrangements.
  4. You can line cans with newspaper and then paint them.
  5. Use lidded jars to fill them with clouds(marshmallows) and decorate the lid.

Decorations for fifteen years: princess

If you want to look like a princess on your big day, keep in mind that you should decorate the living room like royalty and have everyone treat you like the princess that you are.

Here are some practical ideas for your fifteen-year-old fairy tale princess:

  1. The most used type of dress are the puffy ones with beautiful ruffles.
  2. The favorite colors are pastel tones and the whole range of purples and violets, since they invite mysticism and fantasy.
  3. The most popular birthday cake at a princess party usually has more than one tier. Its decoration is also important; make sure it goes well with the rest of your party decorations.
  4. Do not miss the details in the room for the princess. Add a throne, a doorway mat, and a castle-style doorway.
  5. “Enchanted” glitters and mirrors are very popular at princess parties.
  6. The centerpieces vary according to the taste of the birthday girl. However, medium-sized bouquets and boxes with scented candles are often used.

Neon style unicameral decorations

This type of decoration is something out of the conventional but at the same time it is spectacular. Neon parties are vibrant and unforgettable.

Some decoration ideas for your neon party are:

  1. Although everything should look phosphorescent, bright and colorful, try not to overdo it. One thing is to decorate the space and another thing is to decorate a space as if it were twenty rooms in one.
  2. Well-presented and colorful treats and cocktails(with and without liquor) will triumph.
  3. If the space will be dark and will be illuminated by the decoration itself(phosphorescent paint and the like), it is best to let the tablecloths and others be white. In this way, they will not take away the prominence of the neon touches.
  4. Centerpieces should be fun and innovative. Giant cassettes, vinyl records, and other decorations are often preferred. In addition, retro elements can be combined with more current elements.

Decorations for fifteen years: masks

Like chamber parties of centuries past, masked parties are exuberant, exclusive and elegant. These types of parties have a romantic, gala touch and stand out for their mysterious elegance. 

  1. The first obvious detail is the masks. You have two options: ask your guests to come with a mask or provide it yourself, when you arrive at the party.
  2. Make sure all guests take home a party favor. Prepare souvenirs with their respective mask decoration and a colored pen. It will definitely be unforgettable.
  3. The centerpieces should also have(more or less) dramatic details, as if it were a party at the theater or at the opera.

We hope we have inspired you a bit for your next party. We hope you enjoy it and have the most beautiful fifteen years!

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