5 minimalist house ideas

Minimalist houses bet on having only what is essential to live. In this way, we can appreciate the beauty of things and focus our attention.

Within the design styles that predominate today, one of the most widely accepted is minimalism. If you want to know what it is about or want to try some of its main notions in your home, these minimalist house ideas can be very useful.

What does it consist on? It is an architectural trend that focuses on having the minimum, that is, what is only essential. Ludwig Miss van der Roe, a renowned 20th century German-American architect, was its promoter. A single phrase of his is enough to summarize the essence of this current: “Less is more”.

Central aspects of minimalism

Minimalist houses stand out for their simple shape and their incredible ability to stand out from simplicity. What those who build them seek is to create a harmonious and functional space. Logically, the aesthetic is not neglected. Rather, it is intended to eliminate unnecessary details.

  • Minimalism applies both to the exterior of the houses and to their internal decoration. In this last aspect, the importance of order and that each object has its place is greatly emphasized. Along these lines, some of the characteristics of these houses are:
  • Economy of the elements.
  • Any type of element that is not essential is discarded.
  • Nature and light play a leading role in design.
  • The straight lines and the blocks of geometric shapes stand out.
  • Monochromatizating is essential, especially in neutral colors.

To achieve these goals, minimalist homes use wood, glass, stainless steel, chrome, marble, and granite. In terms of decoration, natural elements such as wood and stone play a central role.

5 excellent minimalist house ideas

Now that we have established the core aspects of minimalism, we can proceed to list some minimalist house ideas. You can consider them for a future project or adapt them to your home to take advantage of this trend.

1. That nothing is visible in the room

An essential part of the minimalist trend is order. Therefore, it is best to avoid clothes lying or hanging all over the room. Think about your room from the basics: if you took a photo in it, you should only see the essentials for this room in the background.

The great allies for this purpose are spacious wardrobes, preferably embedded in the wall. In addition, at least one chest of drawers will also be necessary. Finally, if you get bedside tables with large drawers, they will be welcome. Try to avoid rugs, unnecessary plaids, and flowery patterns.

2. White curtains add space

As we said, minimalism is an austere style. So, it is logical that taking advantage of natural light is one of its main purposes. To do this, in addition to the large windows, you can use the white curtains of translucent fabrics. 

Contrary to what happens with dark colors, light tones usually give the feeling of more space to a room and enhance its lighting. A detail that you can add is a   large mirror, since the reflection offers a remarkable amplifying effect.

3. Seek practicality in bathrooms

Some aspects that we named in the previous ideas of minimalist houses are enhanced when it comes to talking about the bathrooms. These are the need for the entry of natural light, the pursuit of focusing on the functionality of objects, and the use of clear and clean elements.

A good tip for the bathroom is to include sliding doors, as they save a lot of space. The key to taking advantage of it is good distribution. Therefore, try to respect the geometric lines. Some other interesting ideas are:

  • Add large mirrors.
  • Use geometric-shaped sinks or tubs.
  • Go for white colors with some color details.
  • Use elements such as wood or stone to decorate.
  • Leave places to store things, like drawers or wicker baskets.

4. Minimalist kitchens

The next of the minimalist house ideas that we propose here is related to the kitchen. In these rooms the colors of the gray scale predominate in furniture with geometric shapes. Aluminum, marble and granite are great materials to achieve the desired effect.

Countertops are widely used in minimalist kitchens. They have the advantage that appliances can be placed underneath and thus save a lot of space. The same with the refrigerator: recessing it in the wall looks great. Again, natural lighting should be maximized.

5. Living room with space for everyone

In addition to following the same principles as for the previous rooms, minimalist living rooms try not to have too much furniture. The large windows are a feature in them, as well as the large number of luminaires inside.

The colors strong to combine with neutrals are allowed but delicately. It can be a piece of furniture, a sofa or a painting but the key is not to overload it. On the other hand, unnecessary rugs and ornaments are avoided.

Technology is more than allowed. Modern televisions add a distinctive touch to the entire room. In addition, as functionality is sought, it is an excellent idea to combine them with sound equipment to enjoy a good movie.

Although they do not need many elements, these types of homes require putting creativity and imagination to the test. With these minimalist house ideas, you can have an initial sketch: now think about your tastes and get to work!

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