10 fabulous ideas to decorate with lights at home

Light has the ability to create a calm, relaxing and warm setting. In addition, it also allows you to exploit your creative side and, above all, impose your style.

Renovate? Let’s be honest, what was the last change in your home? Let’s leave monotony behind and capture the spark that those abandoned walls need. Have you ever thought about decorating your house with lights?

Quiet! Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. Get LED lights or lamps, which have the same luminous capacity as incandescent and fluorescent ones, but consume little electrical energy.

This does not mean that you are going to flood every space with Christmas lights. However, remember that in terms of style, quality is always better over quantity. Although it may not seem like it, just lighting a small detail gives a totally different touch to the environment.

Ideas to decorate with lights

The lights have become the perfect complement to decorate certain corners of the house. Not only are they useful to illuminate dark areas, but they also allow you to create a harmonious and romantic atmosphere to enjoy with your partner, friends or family.

Are you interested in learning to decorate with lights? The most important thing is to be carried away by creativity, seeking to make the most of those spaces that require a little light. Here we share 10 interesting ideas that you will surely like.

1. Lights in the garden

Create the perfect place for meetings with friends. A small area in the garden is more than enough to give your home a bohemian touch. We will achieve the romantic effect thanks to the lights.

  • They don’t even have to be evenly arranged, that feeling of freedom fits nicely on the terrace. You decide if you want colored or the classic yellow.

2. In the hall

Don’t be afraid to use different lights. If yours is a single color, try the shapes: round, flowers, stars, drops… The key is to maintain the similarity in the colors whether white, light or gray.

  • Try to give life to the less thoughtful objects and you will notice how they stand out in the environment.

3. On the wall

  • The hippie and chic spirit in design has gained strength in recent years, as a couple of natural materials come together with digital, creating a free space. If you add the touch of lights to this, they will simply highlight the details and visually generate tranquility.

4. In the room

If you love the mix of vibrant colors and natural materials, don’t hesitate to decorate your home with lights. These are capable of contrasting patterns, upholstery and carpets.

  • You just need to hang them up and drop them on the floor: you will feel in a carefree and casual place.

5. In the room

If you prefer the classic and modern style because you love soft colors, a strip of lights will not hurt your room.

  • This will help you keep the traditional side but, at the same time, it will mark the lines with a contemporary touch.
  • Surrounding the mirror is a good option to give it a shine.

6. On the stairs

The idea of ​​the countryside in the city drives anyone crazy. If you want a rustic space that takes you to that rural environment but without losing class, then give life to those objects that you do not use, such as the staircase.

  • The key is to use the items you already have at home and make them glow in the light. The combination of candles and lights is great.

7. In bottles

Decorate and spend little? Without a doubt, you have to incorporate recycling into your lifestyle. Don’t throw away the bottles! Dust them off and make them the center of attention in your home.

  • You just have to put a few lights in the first bottle, let the extension come out and repeat with the next ones until finished. You will fall in love with the result!

8. On the balcony

The delicacy of the romantic style captivates anyone: neutral colors, cotton pillows, silk textures and plush… On armchairs with details and pink walls they invite a state of peace.

  • If you add dim lighting with the help of lamps, candles and lights, the result will be incredible. Do not hesitate to decorate your balcony with lights, you will love the result!

9. In the bathroom

There is nothing better than going to the bathroom and feeling comfortable. For this, you do not need to place too many ornaments, with the elemental is more than enough. However, illuminating the mirror, for example, with a small strip of lights around it will give you a wider image regardless of its true size.

10. In the curtains

The curtains and lights get along very well, especially if you opt for a basic decoration, white and neutral colors.  In this we can highlight some writing, pictures, waves in the sheets or flowers that contrast with the smooth walls and the wooden floors where the lights fall.  Definitely ideal for lovers of romance.

In short, the limit between design and lighting is up to you! What do you think of our ideas to decorate your home with lights? Get to work!

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