Ways to reform your kitchen without spending money

A simple way to reform your kitchen without spending too much is to add colored vinyls to give life and a new air to the room.

The kitchen of our house is one of the most used spaces, since in it the family can gather, family recipes are cooked and you can enjoy that art of cooking. Kitchens suffer greatly over time, and furniture, tiles, floors and utensils can be affected by use. If you are thinking of changing or renovating your kitchen, take note of our tips: they are useful, effective and you will not invest a lot of money.

Home renovations are always scary. We do not want to break walls, change floors or doors, so we try to cover up or camouflage the stains on the walls and make those touch-ups to keep it neat and modernized.

There are simple methods to renovate your home if you are looking to reform your kitchen without much money. Pay attention to everything you can do, go for it!

Ideas and tips to reform your kitchen without spending money.

It really is inevitable to spend some money, although costs can be greatly minimized if we consider the following:

Paint the walls or tiles yourself

To paint the walls if we have patience, time and some taste we can get a very good finish. The walls dress a lot and just by varying their color you can get an almost instantaneous change.

  • Dirt, grease and dust quickly accumulate on the walls of the kitchen and stick to it. Thus, these coats of paint will help to make the difference between before and after.
  • Paint tiles, joints or walls and ask a family member for help, as it can be a very fun and playful task for both of you. You will only have to buy the necessary cans of paint and materials. We recommend that you ask at your trusted store and purchase the type of material and the amount of paint you will need depending on the square meters of your kitchen.

Of course, before painting, protect furniture and appliances with plastics and newspaper.

Recover old furniture

In the restoration we also find an entertaining and stress-free activity. Our furniture is also affected by the passage of time and can slowly deteriorate. Find a way to revive them with a coat of varnish, paint, or a change in the handles.

Second-hand furniture and items

Currently, you can get a lot of second-hand furniture, utensils or appliances. Many people sell the objects they no longer need and for the rest of the people they can be very useful.

Individuals who sell lower the initial price and, in addition, it can be negotiated to reach an agreement. Download mobile apps to find the best deals.

On the other hand, be on the lookout for sales days for industrial premises. Many times, they make great deals on furniture and kitchen appliances and they are very inexpensive.

DIY Crafts

Recycle old furniture, fruit boxes, wooden shelves, jam jars, or glass bottles. Recycled materials are another great idea that you can use to renovate your kitchen without spending money.

There are a lot of items that can be reused and maybe it never occurred to you. Take advantage of any corner and make a new use of it, as well as old objects.

Fast and inexpensive transformations

Next, we leave you a list of quick, effective and very economical ideas so that you can also do them at home:

  • Do not wait for the kitchen to be in very bad condition, reform as you see that it needs it.
  • Paint the furniture cabinets.
  • Add a large chalkboard on the wall or, if you allow it, paint with chalkboard paint: you will give it a modern and very original touch. Suitable for your little ones to paint on the wall without regrets.
  • Similarly, you can add a large white board that also acts as a magnet.
  • Add vinyl or wallpaper, it is a less complicated option that can transform your kitchen.
  • Renew with rugs. The carpet in the kitchen help us prevent grease and food leave stains on the floor.

These are some very simple ideas to do and that will not cost you a lot of money. However, it is true that depending on the size of the kitchen or the furniture that you have to change, it will cost you more or less. Ask your family and friends to help you out and thus, in addition to money, you will save time.

Go ahead and reform your kitchen easily!

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