Creative ideas with illuminated glasses

Learn to make your own illuminated glasses to decorate different spaces in a different, beautiful and eye-catching way. Sign up these ideas!

The illuminated glasses are a decorative element as versatile as we want it. And it is that, devising novel pieces from certain materials with a different purpose is an excellent exercise of creativity and manual dexterity.

For example, we can give a new use to those materials and objects that, apparently, have a unique, daily and exclusive use. In this case, we will use the glasses to make a new type of lamps.

When it comes to testing our creativity, it is not necessary to resort to expensive materials, we can always try to reuse the objects that we already have and that, until now, we have not put them to use. The most used, in general, are plastic objects but we can also use glass, cardboard and paper.

Creative ideas with illuminated glasses

1. Angels of light


  • 1 pencil
  • Vegetable paper.
  • Paper cups.
  • 1 box of colored pencils.
  • Indelible permanent markers.
  • Cold silicone or transparent adhesive tape.
  • Small LED lights(cordless, preferably).

Procedure(for the angel’s dress)

  1. Take the greaseproof paper and draw the edges of the glass on it as follows: lay the glass down and, while rolling it, mark the edge. You will get a curved shape that will fit the glass.
  2. Cut out the template. Observe that you do not do it on the marked figure but at a centimeter and a half from the lines.
  3. Color the parchment paper as desired.
  4. Fold the paper into an accordion shape. This way you will give volume to the angel.
  5. When you have the paper folded, make cuts of geometric shapes. Everything you want.
  6. Open the paper and finish decorating. Use the markers to make border details and various embellishments. The idea is to imitate the pattern of some fabric, such as lace, so that the result is more striking.

Procedure(for the face and wings of the angel)

  1. Take another portion of the greaseproof paper and draw the face of the angel. Give it as much detail as you like or keep it minimal. Don’t be afraid to go for this second option if the costume you made is very elaborate.
  2. Mark the edges with a marker, as well as each of the parts of the face so that the features we draw are noticeable.
  3. Color as you like.
  4. Repeat the same procedure when making the wings.
  5. Glue each piece to the glass with tape or a few very small dots of cold silicone. Under the glass, put an LED light so that the angel lights up.

You already have a beautiful ornament to place in any special corner of your home. It should be noted that these pieces do not have to be reserved only for Christmas. Everything will depend on the style we give it.

2. Bright photographs

Here we propose a very creative idea to enjoy your immortalized moments in your home. Few people currently print their photos and, instead, most prefer to store them in the memories of their mobile phones. It’s time to reveal the most pleasant moments! materials.

  • Vellum paper.
  • Glass beakers.
  • Double adhesive tape.
  • Candles(traditional or battery-operated).

Before indicating the steps to follow, we will give you some recommendations to make the job more optimal. The idea is that the exhibition is creative and that it expresses, as a whole, the importance of that moment that you are going to remember.

We recommend that you use horizontal photographs, so that you will cover the entire space of the glass and the candlelight will surround the entire image. If you print the photo in black and white on vellum, it will give it a nostalgic touch.


  1. Calmly crop the photo so that it is at the height of the jar and the borders fit perfectly.
  2. After placing the image inside the glass, stick it with the masking tape.
  3. If your container is very large, you may need more than one photo to cover all of its sides.
  4. After pasting the photo, carefully place the candle(unlit) inside the jar.

A plus point is that in any space the candle will play an important role, since it will stand out with its light, or simply with its presence.

As an added tip, we recommend that you use a scented candle to add extra flair to your light glasses.

Finally, we give you an interesting fact: these illuminated glasses are a good option to set a family gathering indoors as well as outdoors. Go ahead and create your own versions of illuminated glasses!

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