7 ideas for centerpieces that will make your spaces shine

There are many ways to decorate the centerpieces and give a different atmosphere to your dining room. Here are some fun and creative ideas for your home.

There are a wide variety of decorations and centerpiece ideas that can be created, depending on the occasion. From candles for romantic settings, to balloons for fun parties.

The centerpieces are decorative elements that provide color and life to the tables. 

In this article, we bring you several centerpiece ideas that will help you give your dining room a great look. Where there are impressive elements that will leave your guests impressed with your creativity.

No more boring, colorless tables. It’s time to attract all eyes and enjoy great dinners and special moments in your home.

If you feel like it’s time to renew and give your dining room a personal touch, these 7 options will enchant you. The process is simple and you don’t need a lot of materials to make a big change. In addition, with these decorations, your dining room or table will never be the same again.

Centerpiece ideas

1. Flower arrangements

Arrange with flowers is one of the most traditional and effective centerpiece ideas.  In addition to providing colors that are pleasing to the eye, they have a unique and delicious scent.

You can start by putting them in 1 or 2 vases, separated from each other. Distribute the flowers evenly and take care that the height is adequate; You don’t want to talk to someone whose face you can’t see because the flowers are so tall.

Take the risk of combining plants of different colors and shapes. You can include elements such as leaves, branches, moss, or ropes.

The flowers can also be loose, distributed around the table, to create a romantic or natural atmosphere. The downside is that they can be damaged very quickly.

2. Scented candles

Scented candles transform any space into a beautiful and eye-catching place. Making use of them is very simple and does not require much effort.

Try putting several medium candles on the table, next to each other. They should go on top or inside a container, so as not to spread wax on the table and avoid damage.

Around the candles you can put decorative elements such as stones, sand or petals. Also, you can decorate them with colored ribbons, ropes, yarns or colored fabrics. Once they are finished, you can add new colors and aromas.

When dinner is ready, light your candles and enjoy the smell. If you turn them on at night, you can turn off the lights in your house and eat only with the light that the candles project. It will create a very romantic moment.

3. Wooden or porcelain fruits

Another idea for centerpieces is artificial fruits. These are perfect for bringing color to your table and give the impression of being real.

They exist of different materials and sizes; you can buy one or different varieties of fruits. The more colors you buy, the more life your table will have. However, if you prefer something more sober, you can choose fruits of similar color ranges to make it look more elegant.

By using them you can put a fruit bowl in the middle of the table and incorporate all the fruits there. If you prefer another way, try putting a bed of leaves and placing the fruits with some distance from each other.

4. Embroidered tablecloths

Decorating with tablecloths can be a lot of fun due to the variety that exists of them. There are some specials for the entire table, but there are others that are rectangular in shape, are thin, and cross the table from end to end.

These embroideries can have different shapes such as flowers, mandalas, fruits, characters or letters. In addition, they can be found in one piece or several per package.

These elements will help you decorate your dining room in a subtle way, without attracting much attention. They are very practical as centerpiece ideas.

5. String lights

The lights above the dining room create very romantic atmospheres and the best way to use them is inside plastic or glass elements. In this way, the light is concentrated and is projected in a stronger way.

For this you can use vases in an inverted position or bottles. There you must introduce the lights and turn them on when you want to create this environment. A more fun option is to use lights of different colors or shapes. 

6. Crystals

To make the decoration with crystals you can inform yourself of the meaning of each of them. Most of these have specific properties in esotericism. While some serve to bring abundance, others can foster love.

If you are interested in this topic, you can make use of crystals as part of your ideas for centerpieces. It can be a new and very fun experience for you. 

If, on the other hand, you don’t believe in the esoteric, but you like the colors of the crystals, you can buy the one you like the most. To decorate you can make shapes with the stones or put them all over the table to your liking.

7. Helium balloons

This balloon decoration is mainly used for special events. This is because it can be somewhat expensive. Also, the helium in balloons lasts for a few days and then they start to lose their elasticity and fall.

So, if you are thinking of decorating your table for a special moment, you can put balloons hanging from bottles. These will stay elevated and look great fun on your table. You can also buy them with striking messages to surprise your loved ones.

Ideas for outdoor centerpieces

To decorate your outdoor tables and enjoy a cookout, you can use all the above centerpiece ideasHowever, the most recommended are the flowers, since they give it a natural appearance and are very visually striking.

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