6 ideas to reuse old kitchen utensils

Do you like to recycle household items that you no longer use? Take a walk around your kitchen and see if you can make any of these creations with those old utensils that you have stored for so long.

As much as we have a kitchen full of all kinds of tools, the reality is that, in general, we always use the same utensils. In these cases, as well as in those in which we decide to make a renovation, we can reuse old kitchen utensils.

Creativity when it comes to recycling items can go far beyond what you imagine. Although it is common to hear about the reuse of tools and objects from the garden, have you thought that things in your kitchen can also provide you with other uses?

Next, we will offer you some more than interesting ideas so that you can expand the range of possibilities at home. With these tips, you will learn more ways to reuse old kitchen utensils.

  1. Garden markers with spoons

If you have spoons that you no longer use, you can give them a new functionality. Draw the vegetables you want to point to or write their names on the inside of the spoon. Then simply nail them into the appropriate garden space and voila!

There is also another similar alternative that you can make with things from the kitchen. You will need only unused corks and forks. The process is very similar: write on the surface of the cork the name of the vegetable and then stick the fork; the part of the handle will be the one that will be buried in the ground.

2. Flowerpots with cups another way to reuse old kitchen utensils

You can take advantage of the cacti trend to reuse old kitchen utensils like cups or glass jars. The result is very decorative.

In addition, doing it is extremely simple. First, put some rustic stones in the bottom of the mug. Subsequently, he places 50% of soil for cacti and another 50% of common soil. Place the cactus delicately and put some decorative stones on top.

3. Candle holders with hand mixers

An innovative and highly original use for hand mixers that you no longer use is to use them as hanging candle holders. You simply have to put a small candle inside and hang it somewhere in your kitchen or home. If you want, you can also paint it to give it a unique touch.

4. Cups as a centerpiece

Almost everyone has a set of glasses that they rarely use. If this is your case, you can “sacrifice” one of them to create a beautiful, original and elegant centerpiece.

There are many options: you can paint its external part with different motifs or phrases. There is also the possibility of leaving them as they are and adding flowers, small decorative stones and candles inside.

Lastly, if you have a wide-mouthed glass, try filling it with water and placing a floating candle or water flower in it. It will be a precious detail for a romantic dinner or for a family gathering!

5. Pencil holder with a grater

A very good idea to reuse old graters is to turn them into pencil holders. The detail regarding this trick is that it must be one of those graters with a single mouth, since the elements will need a bottom on which to lean.

As in other options discussed, you can paint it to combine it with other household items. One of the main advantages is that you can easily hang it on a wall or blackboard This way you will save a lot of space in your workplace, study or reading.

6. Hangers with kneaders

With some DIY tools, you can create beautiful and very practical hangers using disused kneaders(rolling pins or rolling pins). You have several alternatives at your disposal:

  • The first is to add hooks to the roller itself. Then, with some sockets, you hang it on the wall and voila, it will serve for purses and other smaller items.
  • On the other hand, if you want something bigger, you can cut several rollers in half and glue them to a larger wooden rectangle, which will be the base that will be tacked to the wall.

In both cases, you can choose between painting the pieces in a color that you like, sand them a bit to give them a rustic touch, or combine both ideas, in that order. As a last step, we recommend running wax over the wood to protect its condition.

With these six ideas you can reuse old kitchen utensils that you already thought were discarded. Just a little ingenuity will be enough to choose what use you want to give them; Go to work!

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