Ideas that will make your home a more welcoming place

Make small changes to your home to create a more welcoming and friendly home for you and your guests. Discover these ideas!

Would you like to have a more welcoming home? Then you can’t miss the ideas we share with you. You will see that with very few variations and a low investment you can transform your home into what you always dreamed of. Can you come with us?

Ideas to create a more welcoming home

Having a cozy home does not depend on the monetary investment but on the care of the details. There are small variations that you can make in your home to create a more pleasant and friendly feeling for those who visit you. Here are some ideas:

1. Take care of the lighting

Choosing the right lights for your home is essential so that the people who visit you feel welcome. Think for a second: how does it feel to enter a dark and dingy apartment? Surely, the emotions that a place like this awakens in you are the opposite of those generated by an open space, with natural light or lamps that warmly illuminate the rooms.

The lights in your home say a lot about you. Choose warm light bulbs and feel free to place a reading light next to the chair. Lamps aimed at specific sectors that you want to highlight, such as a painting, also help create a more welcoming home.

Other idea? Adjustable lights that allow you to choose the desired intensity can be another great option to give warmth to a room. There are ceiling and also standing. Of course, you can also create your own lamps using jars. Original and fun!

2. Put personal details for a more welcoming home

Paintings and photos help you personalize your home and often attract the attention of visitors! Pick your best photos and display them for everyone to see. It will also be a good way for you to remember all the good things you have in life. We advise you to decorate the photo frames to your liking to give them an even more personal style.

3. Decorate with plants

Indoor plants help you color your home. There is a great variety, even some that hardly need watering or care and are ideal if you don’t have a hand(or you think you don’t have a hand) for gardening. Think about it: a plant can brighten up a corner of the room or decorate a high table.

4. Play with the curtains

Choose the most suitable curtains for your home. In general, it is considered that curtains should let in a little light, at least in shared environments. How about opting for patterned curtains? The curtains give a lot of play and allow you to give a totally different air to your home.

If you know how to paint, you can even customize the curtains yourself with fabric paint and a pattern that you draw freehand or download from the internet. It is not necessary for the curtain to be full of patterns, some small detail may be enough to change the look of the room.

5. Decorate with candles

We have already talked about the importance of lighting and candles could not be missing among our ideas! Not only do they help you to illuminate a room in a different way, giving it an intimate style, but they can also serve to scent it to your liking.

6. A cozier home with rugs

Rugs may be what you need for a more inviting home. Walking on a carpet in winter is a delight! It is not necessary that you rug the whole house, in fact you can only use small rugs in specific places such as, for example, in front of the armchair.

7. Use of wood

There should be no other material that generates such a feeling of warmth as wood. You can use it beyond the furniture on the walls or accessories in your home. For example, you can create centerpieces with wood yourself.

8. Keep order: the basis of a more welcoming home

A tidy home creates a balanced appearance and invites relaxation, while clutter can increase stress levels. Follow Experts advice and keep your home under control!

9. Choose round chairs and armchairs

It may seem silly but the rounded finishes invite rest and relaxation. If you have wooden chairs with angular finishes, you can place some nice cushions on top and that’s it!

10. Cushions and blankets

Cushions and blankets are great ways to breathe new life into your chair. The best? You can make them yourself using clothing fabrics that you no longer wear. The patchwork technique is one of the latest trends, it is also easy to do and it looks great!

Create a more welcoming home by making small changes to the decor. As you can see, it is not necessary that you go out tomorrow to buy new furniture. Get to work and renovate your home!

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