Create shoe stands with these 2 basic materials

Instead of spending money buying a stand for shoes, you can take advantage of some ideas and materials that you have at home to make one quickly and easily.

They come in various shapes, sizes, and structures; the stands of shoes are not only useful to show the merchandise, but can be an important decorative element at home, if you opt for the smaller ones.

This huge variety of ideas that we have at our disposal make the alternative of making them on your own totally viable. With two simple basic materials, such as wood and cardboard, you can make your own shoe stands in just a few steps.

How to create shoe stands with wood

1. Traditional shoe stands

Traditional shoe stands are a great idea for tight spaces or for those who like practicality. Of course, you will have to have several woods to achieve this model, in addition to certain carpentry elements such as screws and screwdriver. If you can get some help, it will surely help you too.

The number of boards will depend on how many shelves or floors you want to make. The length, meanwhile, will depend on the space you have; As for the width, we recommend about 25 centimeters to fit all types of shoes.

  • Once you have the wood, the first thing to do is cut rectangles for the supports. These will be located vertically to create the necessary separation between each shelf.
  • The brackets should be placed about 5 to 6 centimeters from the ends of the wood. In turn, these rectangles will then serve to divide the shelves from one another; It’s a great strategy for creating multi-story stands.
  • Instead of placing the vertical supports in an aligned way, it is recommended that you place them with a few centimeters of difference between floor and floor.
  • The process to fix them is simple: place two screws vertically in each piece. To make it more beautiful, do not place the vertical boards in a straight line, but with a few inches apart.

This “untidiness” will not affect the stability of the furniture and will give it a very attractive aesthetic effect.

2. Shoe stands with boxes

Did you know that wooden boxes, like vegetables, have many uses in addition to the original? One of them is that they allow recycling to create shoe stands with boxes. The procedure to perform them is very simple. First, put the boxes in condition; that is, use sandpaper to remove roughness, add nails where necessary to reinforce them and spray paint them in the color you like. Tip: if you leave some areas unpainted, you will achieve a very nice rustic effect.

Then, present them in the place where you are going to put them. If they fit well and you like how it looks, proceed to place silicone on the ends to fix them and avoid accidents with their use. You can even add a little bit on the back so that they are attached to the wall.

Another recommendation: to achieve a beautiful and not so homogeneous structure, you can place some boxes vertically and others horizontally. To save space in the verticals, it will be convenient to add tables that divide them and form another shelf.

Cardboard shoe stands

In addition to the foolproof wood, cardboard can also be very versatile for making cardboard shoe stands. In addition, it will have several small pyramidal structures. All together, they will offer a space to fit individual shoes. You will need some disassembled cardboard boxes, shredded newspapers, varnish, silicone, glue, and tape.

Then follow these steps:

  • Cut 45×30 centimeter cardboard rectangles. Make two folds lengthwise, 15 centimeters apart from each other and from their closest edge. Join the ends with silicone to form a triangle and secure the joint with tape. Make the amount you consider necessary.
  • Cut out another cardboard triangle of the correct size to cover all the triangles located next to each other. Remember that the width must be 30 centimeters.
  • When you have the floors you want, glue the triangles with silicone and also the bases.
  • Finally, make a mixture of equal parts glue and water and use it to glue the pieces of newspaper all over the cardboard.
  • Let it dry for a couple of days and, as a final touch, paint and varnish the color of your choice. You can also leave the newspaper in plain sight; it looks fantastic.

As you can see, shoe stands can be made very easily with just a few objects. If we don’t have them at home, which, if we don’t have them at home, we can quickly get them anywhere else. Wait no more and start creating to give them the use you want!

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