Ideas for making inexpensive centerpieces

Centerpieces cannot be missing when decorating for special occasions. Therefore, we propose some ideas for you to make them at home with different materials. Do not miss it!

If you plan to organize a meeting at your house in the next few weeks, this article is perfect for you. We give you ideas to prepare inexpensive, original and beautiful centerpieces. Best of all, you can do them with your own hands, using materials that you have at home.

How to make inexpensive centerpieces

Have you ever thought that with a little creativity and ingenuity and little money you could create such original centerpieces as the ones we present below? Choose the version you like the most and use it on special occasions with your friends and family. 

1. Watering can with flowers

A metal watering can with some flowers inside may be all you need to make your table look great. Use large, colorful flowers for a more country look.

2. Jar with flowers and rope

Don’t throw away the jars you have hanging around the house! If you put a little water inside, a rope decorating the mouth of the jar and some flowers, you will have one of the most beautiful and easy to make inexpensive centerpieces!

3. Centerpiece with what’s in your pantry

Do you have rice and seeds in your pantry? Fill a jar with the materials that you like the most, for example, first the rice and then the seeds, to play with the colors. Add some flowers and voila!

4. Cup flowers

Do you have little time, the guests are almost there and you don’t have a centerpiece? Place a nice cup and saucer on the table and inside a bouquet of flowers.

5. Ultra-simple centerpiece

Another one of our favorite inexpensive centerpieces is just a glass of wine or a cup of cappuccino with a pretty flower inside. Minimalist and gorgeous.

6. Fruits to decorate

What if you prepare a centerpiece with fruits and pineapples? The style is perfect for fall and you can do it in just two minutes! Choose a nice tray, put tangerines and pinecones and even some pine needles.

7. An original centerpiece

Do you have high heels that you no longer wear? Fill it with roses and leaves, you will see how quickly you get a different centerpiece that no one will forget any time soon.

8. Bottles with flowers

The little bottles with a little water inside and some tall flowers can be the perfect decoration to give a relaxed style to a meal.

9. Floating candles

Among our selection of inexpensive centerpieces could not miss the candles. Choose floating candles, fill a jar with water, place some flowers inside the jar(try to make them sink) and on the surface of the water, the candle.

10. Stones and candles

Again, we recommend you take a jar, choose one with a wide mouth to allow you to decorate properly. Place some stones inside, you choose if you want them stone-colored or painted and in the middle a candle. You can vary this option by incorporating a tall candle or a thick and small one according to your wishes.

11. Watermelon with flowers

Have you eaten a watermelon in the last few days? Don’t throw away the shell! If you have hollowed them out for a recipe, you can place long stem flowers inside and voila! If you have cut it into portions, don’t worry: you can use the peel anyway. Nail flowers with short stems in the watermelon rind and create a very original kind of flowered boat.

12. Vase with lemons

Another great idea to make inexpensive centerpieces is to use what we have at home. If you have a round vase, feel free to fill it with lemon(oranges, tangerines or whatever you have at home) and put the finishing touch with some flowers.

13. A glass with a candle

This idea has made us fall in love. You only need a glass of wine and a small candle. Turn the glass over and place the candle on the stem. More original impossible!

14. Sorbets to decorate

Do you have colored straws at home left over from your child’s last birthday? Well, it’s time to use them. Take a jar or glass, measure the height and cut the straws to that size. Place some flowers inside the jar and around them, the straws, trying to cover the entire surface of the jar. A bow completes the look.

15. Cage with flowers

Do you have a nice old cage at home? Take advantage of it. Place some flowers inside, it does not matter if the leaves or the flowers themselves escape a little from the cage. Leave the door open and you will have a centerpiece that is a hymn to freedom!

16. Lemons and flowers

It must have never occurred to you before to make cheap centerpieces with lemons. Cut the bottom of the peel to make the lemon stand up steadily, but not into the pulp. Then cut off the other end, this time letting the pulp show. Click a flower there and aromatize your home with a very interesting centerpiece!

17. Pears on a tray

Take a long, flag-style plate, top with pine needles and top with three or four pears. Give it the final touch by adding some grapes.

18. Sticks and flowers

Take the opportunity to go out to collect clubs with your children. Then, take a bunch, insert some flowers between them and secure with a rope so that it remains standing.

Which of these inexpensive centerpieces is your favorite? You can try to make each and every one of them and thus surprise your guests with the most original ideas to dress your table.

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