Decorative stairs: latest trend in decoration

Join the latest trend of creating spaces with decorative stairs. Here you will learn all the benefits of this trend for your home.

Decorative stairs are a new trend in the field of home decoration. This is because they are very practical, lightweight and easy to use in any space. These stairs can be found in different colors and textures on the market. However, if you are a creative person, you can recycle your old stairs and turn them into an essential decoration element in your home.

With these stairs your spaces will have a different appearance, very fresh and fun. In addition, you will see that you can put many objects on top and save space, to give it another use.

If you want to make a change in your decoration, that does not entail a high expense and is simple to do, these stairs are the best option for you.

How to use the decorative stairs?

Decorative stairs have many uses. They are so versatile that you can put them in different spaces in your home such as the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or garden.

Stairs can replace furniture such as bookshelves, bookcases, or nightstands. This is because they have a lot of space to place all kinds of items. From books, to lamps, if you use them as a bedside table.

Below you can help yourself with this list of elements, to put on top of the stairs, in the different spaces of your home:

  • Room: you can use the stairs to place books, candles, jewelry, hats or purses. In addition, it can serve as a nightstand or clothes rack.
  • Bathroom: you can place towels, or bottles for personal use such as perfumes or creams.
  • Kitchen: you can create an additional space where you make use of plants of different sizes. You can also add cookbooks, spice jars, or kitchen aprons.
  • Garden: in outdoor spaces you can take more risks. For example, you can make use of flowers, plants, bird food, or garden tools.

These are only examples, but you can make use of the elements as you like. You can create unique and fun spaces.

Benefits of using decorative stairs

The stairs take up little space because they are very narrow and can be leaned against the wall.

You can get many benefits from using decorative stairs. The first is that they help you save space and avoid having to place a larger piece of furniture to store your objects.

Also, you can create very striking and functional spaces, where you place important elements, but that look very good to the eye. You can use the ladder as a night table, where you place your books and candles, to create a perfect romantic and evening atmosphere.

The second great benefit is that the ladder is a very inexpensive decorative element. Buying a ladder is not expensive and it is very easy to transport. It can even be free, if you decide to recycle old stairs that you have at home.

If you are one of the people who prefer to invest money in decorative objects, you can find ornamental stairs of different styles. However, you should keep in mind that it may increase the price a bit.

Trend colors for stairs

The colors that are in trend are pastels and coffee or wood. Pink, blue, green or gray are the main colors in this trend. The idea is that the stairs stand out as a decorative element in the space.

However, if you prefer sober colors, you can opt for pastel colors or the usual protagonist; the color white. In this case, the stair does not stand out as a decorative object, but you can place elements on top with bright colors to achieve that visual impact.

You can also use your creativity to customize the stairs to your liking. Don’t be afraid to innovate with unconventional colors or textures. You can design your ladder using shapes, figures, ties or fun elements.

Care you should have with your decorative stairs

Although stairs are a very versatile and practical element, you need to take special care to prevent your decoration from being ruined. The most important thing, when making use of these stairs, is that you put them in an isolated place.

That is, they can be in a place where they will not fall or suffer any damage. It is important to choose large spaces. Also, make sure that the stairs have a good base, so that they do not slip.

A good option is to place a rug under the stairs. Especially in those that are leaning against the wall.

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