Decorating with bricks: some ideas

Bricks are part of the construction elements of a home but they have also been incorporated into the decoration. Next, we will tell you how to achieve a great atmosphere with these elements.

Bricks are no longer just masonry pieces. For years, they have been used as decorative gadgets in view of their two most prominent characteristics: color and resistance. Would you like to decorate a corner of your home with bricks and give it a rustic style?

People want their homes to always have a pleasant atmosphere. But they also want them to stay in good condition over time, preferably with little effort once they invest in them. And, in view of this, rustic trends are usually used as they provide timelessness to the home.

Types of bricks to decorate

While it is true that uncoated walls are used; that is, with exposed bricks, to create a certain ‘air’ in a space, there are other ways to decorate with them depending on their type.

The vast majority of ideas have resulted from the ingenuity and creativity of people trying to respond to a need. For example: if you did not have a table to place the lamp next to the sofa, you would place several solid bricks, without working, in a certain way and that’s it.

Remember that the types of brick are classified into two broad categories: manufacture and characteristics. This means that, on the one hand, they are rated in terms of: production technique, cooking process and drying method; and on the other hand, they are rated according to their porosity and resistance.

Now, when it comes to interior decoration, the most recurrent are the solid ones, which can be:

  • Tile or manual. They have a very rudimentary appearance since they are handmade. The texture becomes rough,
  • Earth Adobe. They are heavy and have a very rustic It is recommended to use them to support flat objects(such as a glass plate) to create low height tables.
  • Cooked ground. It is less heavy than adobe and has more color.

Ideas to decorate with bricks

1. Painted brick

In the first place, if the natural color of the brick clay does not please us at all, we can give it a paint coverage in different ways: one-color to achieve a very luminous finish or, in the same color but in two different tones to provide freshness and vitality to the space. And if we are a little more daring, we can opt for some of these ideas:

  1. Paint the entire wall white and write a word or phrase with a marker or spray on a special brick. Another option is to paint the wall white and apply, with a cloth or cotton cloth, a little black paint on the reliefs of the bricks; this way we will give it a very grunge and modern finish.
  2. You can also apply the paint coverage and leave it a little lighter in an area, in order to break a bit with the continuity and give a certain dynamism to the background.
  3. On the paint layer, we can draw geometric figures on a part of the wall, to add a more decorative touch to the background.
  4. Another alternative is to paint half the wall and leave the rest natural.

2. Brick color “brick”

If we do like the color of the brick, it is worth giving it prominence through the use of light or neutral tones in the furniture.

This is one of the most popular decorating techniques and can be adapted to both modern and artisan trends. One element that is frequently added to brick walls is Christmas lights to brighten up during the hours of less sunlight.

3. Pictures, stickers and vinyl’s

When decorating a brick wall, either natural or with a coat of paintit is not advisable to hang too many pictures with details because they overload and the art as such is not appreciated. Instead, it is preferable to incorporate tables that have simpler lines and poorly detailed backgrounds; in fact, it is recommended to hang those that are more uniform.

As for stickers and vinyl’s, it is preferable to play with the ‘silhouette’ effect; that is, place the stickers that do not have details and that are completely black. In this way, we can place other types of accessories in the space, without having to worry about whether they rival each other or not.

What do you think of these ideas? Have you decided to decorate with bricks?

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