Decorate with garlands: give light and color to your home

With the following decorating tips, you will stop thinking of garlands as something you dust off once a year for the holidays. Today its offer has multiplied, as well as its wonderful effects in decoration.

Although typically tied to the holidays, garlands can be great decorative items for any day. With some extremely innovative and cheerful ideas, it is possible to decorate with garlands practically every one of the spaces in our house.

Who said we should wait until Christmas to beautify our spaces with garlands? Thanks to new light designs, this has become a very popular trend all over the world. Of course, the characteristic garlands with fabric triangles that so many walls have adorned have not been forgotten either.

There is no lack of reason for those who point out its charms: decorating with garlands can enhance any decoration and give the exact touch to any space in your house. As if this were not enough, they serve both indoors and outdoors.

5 ideas to decorate with garlands

So that you have an orientation on what is used and you can adapt it to your preferences and availabilities at home, we discuss some ideas to decorate with garlands. Take note and think about how you could implement them.

1. Garlands in the garden

It is the most classic use of these lights. However, they do not lose touch. You can place them on the wall, on the fence, in the bushes or on the branches of a tree. The possibilities are many, and all just as colorful.

2. Decorate your desk

To perform better at work, it is essential to have a space that keeps us motivated and satisfied. If you have a desk at home or if you have the possibility to personalize your work or study space, decorating with garlands is a great idea.

The best alternative to affix them is to use double-sided tape. In this way, you can keep them attached to the walls close to the surface where you carry out your daily tasks.

Of course, if you have shelves or some other nearby structure that can serve as support, go ahead. The best garlands for these cases are those with opaquer spheres to cover the lamps. This will prevent the flash from hitting your face and bothering you when you try to concentrate.

3. Souvenirs in garlands

Garlands are a precious element to decorate rooms. A great idea is to run a string or thread from one end of the room to the other.

Then, collect your favorite photos and attach them to the rope with clothespins. If they are made of wood and bright colors, much better.

Not only can you put photos: inspiring phrases and goals that you would like to achieve in the future are also very good. Use imagination!

4. Garlands for children

We cannot leave the little ones in the house out of this. For them, we have two very different options. The first consists of the typical garlands with colored paper, cloth and cardboard. Combined with the paint in your room, great results can be achieved.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of crossing butterflies, balls of different types or any other object that reflects your tastes and passions.

In addition, these can be made of wood-nowadays there are many artisans who are dedicated to creating them-or of cardboard itself. This last option can be used to involve them in the decoration of their room doing crafts.

5. Garlands with messages

This method is very simple: you just have to think about replacing the classic “happy birthday” to decorate with garlands that have another message. This is a similar idea to the rope in the room, but it goes on the wall. In addition, it offers the advantage of varying the size and adding lights around it.

6. Delineate furniture and frames with garlands

Finally, another great alternative is to use garlands for the mirror and window frames, the back of the bed, the edges of the bookcases and shelves and any other angle that can be softened with the help of these lights.

They also give a very beautiful look to the stair railings and balcony railings. If you have columns at home or in the garden, using garlands can help make them a real attraction.

In short, decorating with garlands is no longer, at this time, synonymous with the fact that the holidays are approaching. It’s a fad that, in view of its creative and great effects, may be here to stay.

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