6 simple ideas for decorating rustic kitchens

Rustic kitchens combine recycled elements, wood and vintage style with a practical point. Include some of these elements and plan the decoration to your liking.

Learn about some very useful ideas in this article to give a new approach to your kitchen. We propose you a rustic kitchen decoration, with a familiar and cozy atmosphere, where you feel the warmth of home and family combined with the advantages of current technologies in lighting and electrical appliances.

For many families the kitchen is usually the most important room in the whole house. It can be the place of conversations, of family moments, of sharing and deciding all the projects of your life. For this reason, it is important that we pay attention to the decoration and atmosphere that we want to convey in it.

6 ideas for decorating rustic kitchens

1. The concept

The first step in creating and decorating rustic kitchens is information. If you are not going to have design professionals it is important that you do a lot of research. It is very easy to make a mistake when choosing decorative elements and to make your project nonsense.

To do this you must be very clear about the concept and the place where you want to go. It usually happens that during this course, doubts or inappropriate ideas begin to appear that mix opposite styles. Look for elements and ideas from other projects already built and start with common sense and agreement.

2. The budget

Second, the kitchen is the most expensive room in the house. There are appliances, furniture, taps, lighting, etc. But you must be aware of how far you can go with your budget. If you start looking online for photos of real mansions, it can be disappointing or even frustrating.

Therefore, keep your feet on the ground so that expenses do not skyrocket and learn to make the most of your budget. Also, remember that there are always last-minute unforeseen events that make investment more expensive.

Therefore, plan with time and common sense. It is also important to discern between the essential elements to decorate rustic kitchens and what are just whims.

3. Wood: an essential in the decoration of rustic kitchens

One of the elements that give a rustic touch to any kitchen is recycled wood. The good use of recycled wood or a piece of furniture or island that you can restore will be essential pieces. Wood, as a noble material, immerses us in nature and brings uniqueness to design. Some pieces of furniture should bring a sense of age and history. And the use of woods is ideal for it. For example, a ceiling with wooden beams, or a side table that you have been able to reuse and adapt for other uses. Chairs can also be replaced by wooden benches to sit on.

4. Soils

If we want to recreate a cozy and homely atmosphere like a country house, it is necessary to choose the right floor for the rustic kitchenWood is often the preferred choice in many homes, although it requires special maintenance and care.

A very valid alternative is porcelain stoneware floors with imitation of wood. There are endless models, shades and width of the wood to imitate. Easy to clean and durable, suitable for all types of families and climates.

5. Accessories in the decoration of rustic kitchens

A rustic décor should have vintage or antique elements. The use of worn metal in a vase, table corner or door handles can be the perfect solution. In addition, the lamps will help to decorate the space, if warm and soft lighting is always chosen. Therefore, do not hesitate to go to some treasures that you keep from your grandmothers. Even if you are no longer going to use them, they will help you to give a particular and unique touch to a wall.

6. An organizing panel

Finally, do you want a finishing touch, rustic and practical? Well, we recommend that you make an organizing panel with a blackboard and a wooden frame. You could also use chalkboard paint on the same wall.

In this panel you can put the pending tasks, the shopping list, some phrases that you like or even the menu. Therefore, let the imagination flow and each member of the family can contribute.

Do you like the decoration of rustic kitchens? Start, step by step, to transform yours and achieve an ancient and modern result at the same time. Because you already know that well thought out design does not go out of style!

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