13 interesting ideas to decorate a small bathroom

With a few simple tricks, we can make a small bathroom become a much more functional space and even make it appear larger.

Why decorate a small bathroom? This part of the house has become an important space. Not only does it serve to meet physiological needs, it is also a place for relaxation, intimacy and tranquility.

When the room is spacious, you have a large number of decorative items that allow you to make it more comfortable and cozier. However, when the place is somewhat limited in size, decorating ideas seem to run out.

Luckily, there are some interesting tricks to take advantage of even the smallest corner, in order to give it an elegant and modern touch. Therefore, this time we want to share 13 interesting ideas to turn your bathroom into a more pleasant place.

1. Choose a door with a glass strip to decorate a small bathroom

Glass strip doors are perfect for two things: The first is for the elegant touch it brings to the place. The second and most important is that it allows light to enter the bathroom, which makes it look bigger.

2. Small mirrors

A small mirror framed in wood is an excellent alternative to decorate this place without taking up extra space. In addition, it can be placed against the wall, accompanied by other objects of regular use.

3. Corner shower as part of the bathroom decoration

One corner of the bathroom is enough to have a cozy and beautiful shower. The rest of the space can be used in the sink and toilet.

4. Neutral colors to decorate a small bathroom

Paint plays a very special role in giving the bathroom elegance and formality. For example, the colors beige, gray, white or blue get these effects, and also make the site look wider.

5. Mosaic walls

If the issue is space, what better way than to take advantage of the walls to put mosaics in which several objects can be accommodated. In this way, the bathroom will be better organized and you will make better use of the space.

6. Built-in shelving

Another good option for storing towels or bath products is to make a built-in shelf with a stylish touch of wood.

7. Hanging shelf to decorate the bathroom

If there is no possibility of making a shelf like the previous one, a pendant can also be placed. This will allow you to store all your clothes and bathroom items, taking up little space.

8. Cabinet under the sink

A small cabinet under the sink is a great way to make the most of all the space. In fact, this is perfect for storing towels, toiletries and any other items we need in the bathroom.

9. Choose an angular bathtub

If you consider that the space is enough to put a bathtub, the best option is to choose the angular ones. These save a lot of space and their design adds elegance to the place.

10. Good lighting

The lighting plays a major role, especially when the place is small and does not have great light inputs.

Considering that it is a place to do activities such as makeup or shaving, it is essential to look for alternatives to give it more lighting. For example, a good idea is to install multiple lights with white bulbs on the ceiling or near the main mirror.

  1. Accessories to decorate a small bathroom

The fact of having little space does not mean that we cannot give it a decorative touch with some accessories. Through these we can give the place a different style, highlighting the colors and adding striking details.

If the walls are of a light color, the best option is to use decorative elements with bright colors that combine with that tone. It is not about making a jumble of colors, but about choosing those that combine well with the rest of the parts of the bathroom.

If the walls have a striking color, the most recommended is to choose accessories in neutral colors such as white, black or gray. Also, small pictures, decorated towels and even small plants can give it a very nice and cozy touch.

12. Bathroom cabinets above the toilet

In general, the space that remains in the upper part of the toilet remains free and without any use. Why not take advantage of it to put cabinets?

If the idea is to have an elegant, complete and comfortable bathroom, it is worth considering this interesting alternative.

13. Bathtub to sit on

One of the advantages of sit-in bathtubs is that their design allows them to be accommodated in one corner of the bathroom. Therefore, these are perfect for those who have little space, but want to make this place a more relaxing and fun place.

Why decorate a small bathroom?

Did you like these ideas? As you can see, it is about learning to be more strategic when decorating. You just have to be a little more creative to make this place the perfect place for your whole family.

All in all, you might be wondering: why bother so much to decorate a small bathroom? Well, because choosing the right lighting and the right colors can help improve your mood. And it is not the same to be in a dark room, with ugly colors, full of things … than in a bright and cozy space.

If we have convinced you, try making some of the changes that we have suggested in the decoration of your bathroom. You will see what change. And not only you and your family will notice it, but also the visitors. Dare yourself!

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