5 perfect ideas to have a decanter

There are many corners of the home where you can put a simple and beautiful decanter. We tell you more below.

Most people who want to own a decanter think of those times when they share a couple of drinks with their friends. Although many choose to go to a bar, others prefer to make plans at home on any given day. Others, on the other hand, consider that it is only necessary to make a place in the kitchen or living room to store their favorite drinks.

But beyond the preferences of each one, there are many interesting ideas to carry out this simple project without having to spend too much money on professional furniture or shelves. Are you interested in doing it at home?

This time we want to share 5 good alternatives for you to order your favorite liquors with more style.

The best ideas to have a decanter at home

At home there are many free spaces in which a decanter can be installed. This accessory not only adds a decorative touch to the home, but also creates a more private atmosphere to share with friends or family.

You don’t need to make renovations or large investments to create this storage space. In fact, if you have enough creativity, you can take advantage of many materials that are considered useless.

Where is it good to have a decanter?

To choose an appropriate place to install the decanter, it is important to bear in mind that drinks are usually shared in a social environment, almost always during a meeting or visit.

When there is not much space at home, small and strategic places in the house can be used to keep drinks on hand for special moments.

Ideally, place it in spaces such as the living room, kitchen or dining room, since they are appropriate places to share drinks when there is a social gathering. The office, the reading corner and the sofa area are other options that can be considered, as long as they have a free and accessible place.

1. With wooden boards

Do you have accumulated old tables that you still do not use? Well, it’s time to have a very special decanter. This element, although it requires a little work, is perfect for storing wines and glasses.

In fact, if you don’t have boards you can use the wooden pallets in which they usually pack vegetables and the like. Decoration and painting are up to your creativity.

2. With tires

The rims are made of a resistant material that, as you well know, you can reuse in multiple ways. Well, today we suggest that you use it as a base to have a decanter with a rather curious design.

Cut the tire to a size that you consider appropriate and paint it to your liking. Then, make some compartments with wood to store the liquors you want.

3. With cans

The cans in which some foods are stored can be transformed into a perfect holder for bottles of beer, wine and other spirits. How? Too easy!

You just have to gather several cans of different sizes to which you must remove the base with a can opener. Then, you paint and glue them one on the other as it appears in the image.

4. With wooden pallets

Continuing with the recycling of wood, we propose this elegant decanter with pallets. It is a simple liquor rack that you can install on the wall of your clubroom or kitchen. As you can see, it has a very attractive and decorative dark color. Try to paint it in such a way that it matches the rest of your furniture.

5. Wine decanter

If your favorite liqueurs are wines, this simple decanter is perfect for you. The only thing you need is a wide wooden board and some screwed metal supports like those shown in the image.

Elegance can be put on with a dark paint and a coat of varnish. The result is a shelf that you can put in your living room, kitchen or office.

Still do not dare to have a decanter at home? As you can see, you do not need a lot of space to elegantly store your favorite drinks. Choose the one that catches your attention the most and put your creativity to the test.

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