Ideas to reuse bottle corks

Thanks to its versatility and malleability, instead of discarding the bottle corks we can give them an alternative use and manufacture different products for the home.

In this article we will give you a few ideas to reuse bottle corks. Of course, they are original, ecological and fun. Plus, we all love home recycling ideas. Also, tricks that allow us to obtain fun objects for the house while also taking care of the environment

Bottle corks are something very common that we always end up throwing away, but did you know that with them we can make a lot of original things? Children will surely love to help you and you will have fun with your family.

Ideas to reuse bottle corks

Cork is a porous and waterproof material that is extracted from the bark of the cork oak or cork oak. Every year they extract incredible cork plates from their trees with which, later, countless products are made, the most common being those bottle caps for our wines that we all buy more or less regularly. Below we will propose ideas to reuse bottle corks.

Normally this material can be reused, but not in all cities there are recycling companies that take care of it, and that is why every year they end up losing countless kilos of cork that could be reused in other industries, even in construction.

So, a fun and original idea that we can start to do, is to make everyday objects ourselves with this versatile material. And the first thing will undoubtedly be … Start collecting corks! We must have at least a few to be able to do some things. Also, you can ask friends and family to keep them for you. Take note of some ideas that, without a doubt, you should also share with the little ones:

1. Bath mat

One of the great ideas to reuse bottle corks A rug for the bathroom! Thanks to the cork stoppers we will not slip. The water is sucked safely and effectively. To do this, we must first look for a non-slip mat, which remains fixed on the floor without causing accidents.

Then, what we will do is divide the cork stoppers in half, that is, cut them with the help of a knife. You will have to calculate yourself the ones you need according to how big your mat is, where to adhere them later with the help of a hot glue gun.

Make sure they are well glued and even, that when you put your feet you do not notice, for example, differences in height. Once the plugs are glued, let them take consistency for at least a day, and start using it after 24 hours if you want. See how easy?

2. Cork and plants

You may already know the symbiosis between cork and plants. Orchids, for example, and some types of cacti are very grateful for this type of material for their growth. In addition, we can create small pots by emptying a cork with a cutter. We will have to make a small hole in the center, where we can introduce our plant. Remember that they must be plants that can already store enough water in their own roots. It is about how you see something really curious and beautiful at the same time. It’s worth a try.

3. Rugs for the kitchen

Another great idea for reusing bottle corks is making kitchen rugs. The good thing about cork is that you know that any object that you put on it will absorb the water and it will not slip. It is very successful and original, as you will see. 

To make these trays we need a support on which to start placing our cork stoppers. In this case it is not necessary that you cut them in half, all we need is that they fit well together with each other until defining an even surface. To stick them, the best thing is a glue gun, they will be fixed and will not come loose.

4. Birdhouse

A beautiful idea that, if you have time, is worth trying. If you have some space at home where you can place a birdhouse, you will surely like to see how they come in search of food. For the kids will love to help. However, it is a somewhat complex crafting task.

The essential thing is to have a structure first. If you have, for example, a small wooden box would be perfect. We will make a hole so that the birds can enter and, later, we will cover the walls with the cork stoppers. This time it is worth cutting the plugs in half.  In this way, it is easier for them to adhere as they have a more or less smooth surface. We are covering with the help of glue or glue.

The roof of the birdhouse is already a more complex task, we would need larger plugs, cut them in a more finite way to obtain sheets and mount them as in the photograph. If you have time and you feel like it, it can be a really nice object. You dare?

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