12 fabulous ideas to decorate your room with photos

Decorating your home with photographs will not only give it a unique and personal touch, but will also allow you to always have your loved ones close by.

The photographs are an indelible memory of the most special moments that we have lived. Now, with technological advances, it is much easier to obtain them and capture the most special moments.

Nowadays, with technology, applications such as Instagram or Facebook have become fashionable, which allow you to mount all those experiences that you have collected in photos or video. However, many of us prefer to opt for physical photographs.

Ideas to decorate your room

If we are lovers of photos and we would like to see them daily, a good idea is to decorate our room or study with them.

However, more than just placing a painting, there are great ideas that you will surely love to display your best memories and give that little touch of life to your space.

1. “Lying” on a rope on the wall

A good option is to have them above your bed. You can extend some ropes on the wall, and hang your photographs on it with clips or hooks: this will allow you to have them more secure and prevent them from falling.

2. A clock with your favorite photos

Another great idea is to join two things, the photos and a clock. You can make a super original watch using the photos as the numbers.

  • You only need a clock mechanism and 12 of your favorite photos.
  • Stick them to the wall with an adhesive that does not damage it and, in the center, place the clock hands.

3. Customize your jars and lids

You can buy bottles with a transparent lid and stick the photo to the edges. Inside you can put accessories like sand, sequins or pearls. This will give a different touch to your photos and you can hang them or place them on your desk.

4. Make a collage

Simple but very beautiful. You can choose to make a collage with your photos and those of your family. The black and white touch can be spectacular.

Play with the size and direction of the squares, until you create a general square that contains all your photos.

5. Hang your memories from a branch!

A very chic variant to have your photos hanging is making it from a tree branch or a wooden stick.

  • Hang the stick on the wall and tie several ropes to it so that they fall vertically.
  • Then paste or clip the photos in any way you like and you will have a hanging photo album.

6. A garland with your photos

Following the trend of hanging photos, a good option is to use some Christmas lights as a string. We will spread them all over the wall and hang the photos on it. It will give a touch of light to the room and, in addition, it is perfect to illuminate our photographs.

7. Use a frame

You can also use a frame and paint it to give it a vintage touch or your own style.

  • You can help yourself with some nails to grab the strings of the frame, or you can glue or tie them.
  • After having the number of lines that go according to your frame, place the photos with the help of a hook.

8. A column with your photographs

A very good idea if you want to decorate a column that is very empty, is to fill it with photographs, according to the shape of the wall.

  • What we recommend you to be able to show your photos and make it look sophisticated, is that you use pieces of wood and paint them in the color of your choice.
  • Then glue the photos on top with varnish glue and let it dry.

Your photos will be with a bright touch and very well adhered.

9. A vertical board with your memories

You can use a long vertical piece of wood and paint or varnish it. You can then use it to place your photos at different angles.

The vertical touch will make your space look much wider and more complete, so you can take it as an option if you have a corner that “lacks a touch”.

10. Draw shapes with your photos

Lately it has become very fashionable to arrange photos with a specific design. It can be in the shape of a heart, diamond or triangle. This is a very beautiful design and gives a unique touch to your space.

11. A wooden board as a picture frame?

Wood is an excellent combination when it comes to photography. You can use a few pieces or boards and varnish them. Stick them to the wall, put some clothespins on them and there you can hang the photos. It will be beautiful and very sophisticated.

12. A branch for support

The last idea is to place the photographs simulating the leaves of a branch. It is beautiful and, in addition, you can add a garland of lights to complement it.

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