How to decorate the toilet seat: 4 innovative ideas

Do you want to add more elegance to your bathroom? We suggest you decorate the toilet lids. This time we share 4 interesting ideas.

If you are tired of following the rules of the majority when it comes to decorating a bathroom, this is the time to take a chance. The toilet fulfills practical functions but it can also set style. Discover these innovative ideas to decorate the toilet seat.

The house of your dreams must have the ideal toilet. In this article we present you some innovative alternatives that will bring personality and style to your home, and will make sure that visitors cannot stop talking about your bathroom. Do you dare to risk?

How to decorate the toilet seat

1. Choose an original but practical material

To begin with, toilets always need constant cleaning to avoid infections and the appearance of fungi. Therefore, it is important to choose well the material to decorate the lid.

Most manufacturers opt for methacrylate, plastics, woods, and porcelain. There are also steel toilets and, in short, any waterproof and smooth material.

The variety of materials for decorating the toilet can be very original. However, there are very unfortunate options when it comes to covering the lid, such as fabrics or wool. Although they can provide some cushioning and warmth when sitting, they are very unsanitary.

2. Poly resin

Do you want to give your style a more tropical touch? Do you want to decorate the bathroom with marine motifs? So poly resin or polyethylene resin can be a great option.

With this material you can add objects such as shells, starfish, flowers, etc. to the toilet seat mold. This is done before the resin dries and is already solidified.

Another decorative style with polystyrene resin widely used is the imitation of broken tiles as a mosaic. This architectural technique popularized by the well-known by expert provides a geometric and at the same time organic style in the asymmetry of the tiles. Without a doubt a good option to consider.

3. The innovative Japanese toilets

If we talk about innovation and technology applied to the world of bathrooms, the pioneers are, as almost always, the Japanese. Almost 80% of the Japanese population uses electronic toilets.

This type of toilet, which takes care of the design and decoration of the covers in detail, is also used as a bidet with a temperature regulator and even drying functions. They are also the most ecological option since you do not need toilet paper that pollutes rivers and seas so much. And they take care of the design and decoration of the covers in detail.

Although their price is higher, they offer advantages that mark great differences with respect to conventional ones. Heated lid, automatic opening and closing, bidet function, different types of cleaning with water jets and even night light. Undoubtedly an attractive proposal that is gradually entering the international market.

4. Wooden toilet seats

Finally, wood dresses room and sets them with a feeling of homely warmth, so it can counteract the usual impersonality of the bathroom. This noble material has many uses and, among them, toilet seats.

From the outset, the first advantage is the touch it offers, since it is not as cold as porcelain tops. In addition, it also avoids the first bad moment of sitting on a cold surface.

Secondly, if we are going to buy a wooden top, it is important that it be of good quality and well treated with enamels and lacquers that protect it from humidity. Let’s think that it will be in a place in continuous contact with water and it is good that it is well protected.

Now we know some ideas to decorate the toilet seat. However, new proposals continue to appear, such as crochet cover, engraved humorous phrases or personalized designs.

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