Discover how to organize children’s toys with recycled materials

Children often have lots of games and toys. Learn to make magnificent organizers to keep your children’s room in perfect condition.

Children can occupy a large part of the house if we are not careful. The things of the little ones usually take up a lot of space and more if we talk about their toys. Surely you have wanted to organize your children’s toys, we want to give you some ideas that you can make yourself at home with recycled materials.

Not only will they serve to store toys and games, you can also make organizers to put order to other things, even to organize your personal items, for the living room or bedroom.

The recycling is, today, a great fashion. However, making things by hand and being the one who does them, more than a fashion, can be a lifestyle.

Using articles and products that we would throw away, to give them a second life, contributes to having a more ecological and sustainable look at things.

Organize toys in boxes

You can easily make an organizer for your drawers. Surely you open every drawer in your child’s room and never find what you are looking for.

To facilitate the search for you and your child, we also propose a very simple way to store the smallest and most uncomfortable objects to search.

Another option is to use yogurt cups, either plastic or glass. Pordos place as many as you need them loose or tie them together with string or tape American. Paint them and decorate them to make it more fun. Do this activity with your child!

In the same way, you can introduce a small box that fits into the chest of drawers. This will allow you to organize your children’s objects. It is nice to have different departments inside a drawer, it is like a cutlery organizer.

Other options…

Coat hangers

Another idea that we propose is to make different racks to organize your child’s toys and things in a better way.

You can use the toys and glue them to a wooden or aluminum plate. Hang the iron on the wall with the help of screws and use the toys as a support for the coat rack. It’s a great idea!

If you want your child to be in contact with nature, you can also hang tree branches on the wall to act as coat racks.

Cloth sacks

Making a cloth sack can be very useful to organize small toys; strollers, Lego or playmobile, would fit very well there. You can make as many as you want, you only need a fabric of the color that you like the most and tie a rope at one end.

On the other hand, you can make a large cloth sack that also acts as a carpet. That sack should also have a string to help you pick up all the toys from the carpet in no time.

Hanging baskets

You can take advantage of the low height of your children and use the upper part of the room to hang baskets to help you organize toys.

Shelves and shelves

You can add more shelves and shelves with recycled materials: old books that you stick on the wall or restored fruit boxes, they will serve as a shelf or a drawer to store toys.


Maybe it is a bit more sophisticated and expensive to make, but if you have the option of getting old tires, you will love this idea. Take two of them, restore them, paint them, and make a table out of the tires.

Inside, keep all those toys that always stay in the middle of the room. You will need to add a round wooden board to cover the gap in the tire.

Ordering the toys will no longer be so complicated thanks to these wonderful ideas that we have proposed. Look for your child’s room to be functional, practical and cozy.

Its rooms are its corners, its world and universe. They spend many hours in it, so it is preferable that it is practical and can be easily ordered.

It is also good to create a cleaning and organizing routine so that as you grow, you know the importance of being orderly. When he is older it will be very useful.

Feel free to share these great ideas with everyone you know. You will never have a problem organizing toys again!

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