5 ideas to decorate a bathroom with recycling

At home there are usually reusable materials that can serve as a basis for decorating many spaces. Today we propose some ideas to decorate the bathroom with recycling.

Did you know that there are many ways to decorate a bathroom with recyclingYes, there are and they are increasingly common in homes because they allow to obtain a much more original finish and, at the same time, stylish.

Ultimately, the trend of taking certain elements and materials and giving them a new twist and use, rather than buying completely new items, is all boom in what has to do with home décor today.

The best ideas to decorate a bathroom with recycling

At home it is always possible to give several old items that seem to be of no use again, you just have to have a little imagination to take advantage of the resources.

While it is true that when recycling something, we must invest a little time and creativity, the result then more than compensates for it. The environment is aesthetically much more pleasant.

The bathroom was one of the most overlooked spaces in the home until a few decades ago. Although it has always been one of the most visited places, little or nothing was done to make it look as good as the living room or bedrooms.

However, with the passage of time and new trends, some began to incorporate different accessories and decorative elements. The goal was to give it a more intimate and calm air. In addition, many of these have become a complement, since they optimize space and facilitate order.

Thanks to the ingenuity of many people, today it is possible to decorate a bathroom with recycling in a very original and at the same time simple way.

1. Shelf with fruit box

Wall shelves are very functional in bathrooms. We often use them to organize everyday cosmetics or towels for drying hands. In addition, they allow you to take advantage of the place very well, since they can be located on the sink or in the corners.

How to do it?

  • To make this simple proposal you only need a wooden box(like those usually found in greengrocers). Once you acquire it, you just have to sand it and paint it with the colors that you like the most.
  • As a result, you will get a rustic furniture with vintage style, which you can combine with other decorative items in the bathroom.

2. Towel rack with recycled ladder

An old wooden ladder can be the best material to decorate a bathroom with recycling. Due to its rustic and ecological style, it is perfect to make a practical towel rack. The best thing is that it does not need much space, since it is placed against the wall.

How to do it?

  • To start, take the ladder that you no longer use and restore it with varnish or colored paints.
  • Place it in one of the corners of the bathroom, either near the shower or the sink.
  • If the ladder has a support, you can turn it into a shelf where you can also store your products.

3. Towel rack with cans

Many consumer products tend to come packaged in practical and resistant cans that we can recycle in multiple ways. For example, in this case we can gather several of a medium or large size to make some towel racks for the bathroom.

How to do it?

  • Wash the cans well, dry them and decorate them with paints, stickers(‘stickers’) or ribbons.
  • Attach them to a wooden base with a fine glue and use an eyebolt to hang the towel rack on the wall.

4. Recycled bathroom racks

Don’t have coat racks in the bathroom or want to change them? Target this idea with recycling! The result is very original and has a classic style that you may like. On the other hand, it is a great alternative to reuse various objects that tend to accumulate at home.

How to do it?

  • First, cut a piece of wood into a rectangular shape and paint it to your liking.
  • Then, use folded kitchen utensils or clothes hangers to put on various holders.
  • Finally, the idea is that in each one you can put towels, clothes or anything else that can be hung.

5. Toothbrush holder with glass jars

The glass containers of some foods can be used to make a colorful and elegant toilet brush holder. Although they can be placed on the shelves, in this case we propose to use them in a wall organizer.

How to do it?

  • To start, take a wooden board and cut it into a rectangular shape to the size you prefer.
  • Next, restore it with varnish and paint if you consider it necessary, and fix the glass jars to them with the help of tin supports.
  • Finally, put several eyebolts or hooks on it and hang it on the bathroom wall.

Ready to start decorating a bathroom with recycling? As you can see, it is quite simple when you let your imagination run wild. Follow the ideas that most attract your attention and take a little time to carry them out, according to your tastes. The result will make the time worthwhile.

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