13 ideas to take advantage of space in the small places of the house

Small spaces can be used optimally, if we apply a little ingenuity and a lot of common sense. It is always possible to gain space anywhere.

In a small house it seems that the spaces were not enough to accommodate all the things. However, there are many tricks to take advantage of the small places in the houseE l small space does not have to be a limit if we apply some ingenuity.

Not sure how to take advantage of the smallest places in your house? If you are part of that group of people who believe that reduced space is a limit, we recommend that you continue reading this article; You will discover 13 interesting ideas to take advantage of those small places in your home.

1. Baby changing table

Is there a free space in your baby’s room? Why not turn it into a practical hidden changing table to change your little one’s diaper? You can put a folding table on the wall and lower it every time you need to use it. It is also good to hang shelves on the sides, to store the child’s diapers, towels and other items.

2. Side storage in cabinets

The sides of kitchen cabinets can be the best place to hang pans, pots, and other utensils that are frequently used in the kitchen. All you need are towel racks and some screws to create a suitable space. Of course, you must bear in mind that this will leave holes in the closet, which will be visible when you no longer want to use it for this purpose.

3. Corner shelves

The corners of the rooms seem of little use, but in reality, they can become a suitable place to store objects and give a special design to the home. How about putting a corner shelf? In it you can put photographs, small plants, books or whatever you prefer.

4. Drawers under cabinet

If it hasn’t occurred to you before, you should know that those spaces under kitchen cabinets can also be the perfect places to put additional storage drawers. The ideal is to put everything that you do not use frequently there.

5. Drawers on the stairs

The stairs in the house can be much more than the access to the next floor. In these you can install drawers to store various objects, such as shoes, golf clubs, tools or toys, among others. They are a great solution to save space.

6. Shower curtain with pockets

Is the space in your bathroom very small? Nothing happens! Put order by sewing a few pockets on the shower curtain. There you can store beauty supplies, hygiene products or whatever you need to keep in the bathroom.

7. Chairs to store in small places

The chairs can become a perfect place to store papers and different objects. A good idea is to pad the top of a filing cabinet(such as those used in offices). The result will be a piece of furniture that serves as a chair and as a storage unit, which can be accommodated anywhere in the house.

8. A shelf above the door

Whether in the bathroom or in the bedroom, a shelf above the door can be very useful to give order to certain objects that are usually scattered around. The space between the door and the ceiling will not take away from you and is a way of always having in sight those things that are used frequently.

9. Towels behind the door

The back of the door can be used to hang different objects. You can stick a hook, a bar or any support that can be used to hang clothes, such as towels, for example.

10. Vertical garden

Having plants in small pots hanging from one of the walls is a great way to give a natural touch to the house, with an innovative and beautiful design. They decorate and bring good energy to any place.

11. Wall chart

If you did not like the idea of ​​taking advantage of the sides of the cabinets to hang items in the kitchen, you might want to install a wall board. Simply attach the shelf, add some hooks for hanging, and you’re done.

12. Storage of cleaning products

One of the doors can become a suitable place to store cleaning products that are frequently used in the home. The idea is to stick pockets on the door and put the bottles of each product there.

13. Hang the bags

If you are one of those who keep your bags anywhere in the room, a good idea is to put a bar in one of the corners of the room and then accommodate the bags on each hook. In this way you will always have them at hand and everything will look neater.

Do not forget…

Small spaces can be used optimally, if we apply imagination and ingenuity. Walls, doors, and vertical areas are spaces that can be used in many ways.

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